Caprari: High Performance in Total Safety


CAPRARI designs and manufactures electric pumps specifically designed for conveying civil and industrial wastewater, for use in sewage lifting stations or wastewater treatment plants.

Caprari: High Performance in Total Safety


In the light of recent successes achieved in this sector and to meet market demand, CAPRARI is extending its range by tripling the capacity from 60 to 180 kW on pumps of compact, up to the minute design, also extending the configuration to 60 Hz. The increase in performance range affords capacity values up to 800 l/s and dynamic head values of up to 65 m.

The new single and double channel hydraulics comply with the requirements of large wastewater treatment plants.

The robust construction of the pumps is achieved by a system at the forefront of design, with generous shaft and electric motor bearing dimensions and the use of new metallurgies (cast iron alloys and cast steel).

The motor is class F with class H double insulation windings and class T4 average temperature: this means ultra-cooled motors (low running temperature) and hence long service life and high energy efficiency.

During the design phase, CAPRARI paid special attention to environmental impact by designing an optimised oil chamber so as to reduce the actual quantity of lubricant and by using both bio-compatible coatings and perfectly recyclable materials.

The sealing mechanism for the automatic BAK coupling systems, which guarantee total freedom from head and liquid losses, has been designed with an innovative profile that ensures optimum efficiency including the most complex start-up transistors typically found in large-scale plants.

The versatility of these models enables installation of these in both tanks and dry rooms, in a vertical or horizontal position, in banks for operation in parallel to achieve modularity in the maximum capacity required, and in series to overcome significant discharge head values with direct re-injection into the pipeline.

The other performance features and standardization of components together with the CAPRARI design philosophy guarantee top level Life Cycle Cost efficiency in this category (low operating and maintenance costs).

The applications and spheres of use are very wide-ranging:

  • purification of civil and industrial waste water
  • lift in large-scale systems
  • supplies of surface water to use for irrigation and industrial water
  • disposal of meteoric water from rainwater tanks and “First Rain” tanks and flywheel tanks
  • reclamation
  • fish farming
  • etc..

About Caprari

For more than 60 years, CAPRARI has striven to optimize the delicate balance between technological progress and the ecosystem.

The Caprari Group is a leading concern on an international level in the production of electropumps and advanced solutions for management of the integrated water cycle. Thanks to its exclusive and diversified expertise, Caprari offers the most advanced and efficient solutions for essential water supply needs: from deep well pumping, waste and drainage water lifting, residential, industrial and agricultural water supply and distribution, and water treatment in general.

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