E4XP Caprari: Extra Performances for Professionals


Caprari E4XP submersible boreholes stand out for their ability to withstand the heaviest duty conditions. This means that they are ideal for use when sand or corrosive substances are present, something that more and more frequently occurs in wells.

E4XP Caprari: Extra Performances for Professionals

Caprari, Italy.

First and foremost, the pumps have been equipped with specific supports, sand guards and an original check-valve. The structural casing and all the metal components are made of selected, high-strength AISI 304 stainless steel.

Secondly, Caprari decided to introduce an exclusive innovation: the “Defender”, a patented built-in galvanic protector, installed as part of the wet-end that protects pump and motor. For exceptionally circumstances, even a further Galvanic Protector of particular design can be supplied and installed between the pump’s delivery port and the rising pipe.

Excellent references and a great welcome has been received through the international network of Branches and Dealers; particularly in Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Zambia, Tunisia, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, Poland and Switzerland, testifying to the exceptional ability of these new pumps to work in heavy duty conditions such as pumping sea water, high content of sand, drainage dirty water and from water tables down in very deep wells.

There is another highly useful patent, covered by the new “Easy Check” check-valve. This original component allow, uniquely in it’s field, an always easy disassembling of the upper part for a quick inspection. After that, it can be easily re-assembled without specific tools, to put the pump back in operation : this was hitherto impossible for a 4” pump.

Despite all these highly technological and innovative features, the overall quality-to-price ratio of these pumps is considered by installers and end-users unbeatable.

E4XP pumps are designed for both the civil engineering and agricultural sectors where they are used for irrigation purposes, supplying water to houses, fire-fighting, ground water sampling, lowering of the water table and many other applications.

Absolute reliability, extraordinarily simple and economic maintenance, plus an ultra-high overall efficiency allow users of Caprari new E4XP pumps to rapidly recover their investment thanks to an effective “Life Cycle Cost“ (LCC) that has no confrontation.

Caprari operates world-wide, to provide the most valuable and efficient solutions to various pumping needs, quickly and professionally.

The E4XP series of 4” borehole pumps highlights another important result for Caprari, in its sixty years of experience with designing and manufacturing centrifugal pumps, and creating advanced solutions for managing the integrated cycle of water.

Planned to meet the most varied demands from global markets, accurate research into hydraulics has achieved ultra-high performances and top-of-the-bracket efficiency for these pumps, while keeping their dimensions down to the minimum. Caprari projects’ are based on its proprietary know-how, specific integrated software for the design phase with fluid-dynamics and structural simulations, and the most sophisticated real field tests.

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