Caprari: New Generation of Standardized Single-Impeller Pumps


Backed by over sixty years of experience in designing and manufacturing centrifugal surface pumps for municipal, industrial and irrigation purposes, Caprari now presents the new generation of standardized single-impeller pumps that conform to standard EN 733 (DIN 24255).

Caprari: New Generation of Standardized Single-Impeller Pumps

Caprari NC series (Photo: Caprari, Italy)

Particular attention was paid to the fire-fighting sector when the project was created, especially in view of the European standards that govern construction and performance.

Caprari’s NC standard pumps stand out for their cost-effectiveness, robustness, simple construction, their high degree of standardization and the fast delivery lead times achieved.

Available with a range of DN 32 to DN 250 port dimensions, the new NC pumps feature a mechanical seal for all models that makes them ideal for industrial use. They are also equipped with a double wear ring that can be changed in the case of wear, in order to restore pump efficiency without having to replace costly components.

In the standard version of the pump, the shaft is made of AISI 420 stainless steel. Moreover, it is fully protected against contact with the pumped water so as to be even longer lasting.

Pump construction features the favoured Back Pull Out system: coupling to the motor with a flexible joint and spacer allows the wet end to be disassembled from the rear for inspection or repairs without moving the motor or disconnecting the pump casing from the pipes. The pumps can be coupled to both a standard IP55 form B3 electric motor with efficiency class EFF2 or high efficiency class EFF1, or an internal combustion engine.

Caprari’s offer of products dedicated to the professionals of the integrated water cycle becomes even more comprehensive thanks to this new, standardized NC series.

About Caprari

Caprari designs and manufactures centrifugal pumps, electric pumps, and provides advanced solutions for managing the integrated water cycle. With its far-reaching network of Branches and Dealers, Caprari has premises all over the world. This means that it is always on hand locally to guarantee the most rapid and efficient solution to all pumping problems.

Since it was established in 1945, Caprari has continually enlarged and specialized its core-business. A policy that allows the company to meet the specific and changing requirements of the world of water with pioneering products and services, and to work on a partnership basis founded on the trust building concept.

Thanks to exclusive and comprehensive know-how, Caprari now supplies the best and most efficient solutions for the main water-management requirements: from extraction in deep wells to lifting waste and drainage water, supplying and distributing water in residential, industrial and agricultural sectors to the most varied water treatment applications.

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