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03.06.2024: Reliable Quarter Turn Valves for Gas Applications

15.05.2024: Focus Money Magazine Names GEMÜ a “Digital Champion 2024”

30.04.2024: Innovative Adaptation Technology for More Hygienic Filling

09.04.2024: New GEMÜ Ball Valve Series for Applications in the Chemical Industry

19.01.2024: GEMÜ Enters the Market for the Production of Cultivated Meat

10.01.2024: GEMÜ Honoured as “Global Market Leader” for the Eighth Time in a Row

10.10.2023: New GEMÜ Logo

05.09.2023: New Solution for Connecting Multi-port Valve Blocks

11.08.2023: Virtual Factory Tour – Exclusive Insights Into the World of GEMÜ

24.07.2023: New Approvals for Butterfly Valves GEMÜ R480

29.03.2023: The First GEMÜ High Purity 3/2-Way Diaphragm Globe Valve

14.02.2023: The GEMÜ 652 pulsation damper:The hygienic solution to pressure surges in plants

05.01.2023: New Electrically Operated Solenoid Valve GEMÜ J70

13.12.2022: New GEMÜ BB07 3/2-way ball valve

01.12.2022: Oxygen Approval for GEMÜ Butterfly Valves

05.09.2022: Safe Solutions for Combustible Gases

11.08.2022: New GEMÜ App Offers a Wide Range of Digital Services

20.07.2022: New Positioner for Modern Plant Automation

06.07.2022: GEMÜ Expands its Company Management Team

08.06.2022: New GEMÜ CleanStar High-Purity Diaphragm Valve is Setting Standards

04.04.2022: RFID Solutions for GEMÜ Diaphragms

04.03.2022: New Variety of GEMÜ eSyLite Motorized Actuator

25.02.2022: GEMÜ Named a “2021 Trendsetter of German Economy” by the F.A.Z. Institute

10.02.2022: GEMÜ Introduces New Electrical Position Indicators and Combi Switchboxes

19.01.2022: GEMÜ Honoured as “Global Market Leader” for the Sixth Time in a Row

10.12.2021: GEMÜ Filling Valve with Regulating Cone for Precise Dosing in Filling Processes

23.11.2021: Modular M-Block Diaphragm Valve With Flexible Connection System

03.11.2021: Optimized Process Solenoid Valve for Gas and Liquid Applications

11.10.2021: GEMÜ Systems – System Solutions from a Single Source

27.09.2021: Two New Diaphragms for Demanding Chemical Applications

23.08.2021: New Nominal Sizes for GEMÜ 567 BioStar control, 567 eSyDrive and 567 servoDrive

05.08.2021: GEMÜ Offers Virtual Factory Tour for Interested Parties

08.07.2021: Efficient Maintenance of Single Use Diaphragm Valves

23.06.2021: GEMÜ Expands Valve Range to Include Pinch Valves

26.03.2021: New Filling Valve for Fast and Precise Dispensing

11.03.2021: Further GEMÜ Automation Components Receive UL Certification Mark

12.02.2021: GEMÜ Tugela Double-Eccentric Butterfly Valve Meets Stricter Temperature and Pressure Requirements

09.02.2021: GEMÜ Honoured as “Global Market Leader” for the Fifth Time in a Row

20.01.2021: Contactless Determination of the Volumetric Flow in Systems and Piping

28.12.2020: New Control Valve with a Motorized Actuator

11.12.2020: New Ball Valves for Industrial Applications

27.11.2020: Directly Controlled Process Solenoid Valve with Innovative Bellows System

12.11.2020: GEMÜ Announces its Latest Generation of Soft Seated Butterfly Valves

26.10.2020: New GEMÜ GDR and GSR actuators for pneumatically operated quarter turn valves

12.10.2020: GEMÜ check valves for high and low temperatures

09.09.2020: Training courses available for valves, measurement and control systems have been expanded and online versions have been added

05.08.2020: GEMÜ Valves Used to Combat COVID-19

23.07.2020: New Motorized Control Valve

06.07.2020: Expanded range of motorized valves

19.06.2020: Safe installation and commissioning of diaphragm valves with GEMÜ PPF multifunction adapters

14.05.2020: GEMÜ is expanding production capacities in Shanghai

09.04.2020: GEMÜ diaphragm globe valves can be integrated into multi-port valve blocks made from stainless steel

19.03.2020: GEMÜ globe valves are granted USP Class VI certification

28.02.2020: Tried and tested and versatile – GEMÜ 1436 cPos with new Profinet fieldbus interface

30.01.2020: Precise temperature monitoring in systems and piping with new temperature sensor in the GEMÜ range

09.01.2020: Valves with new Motorized eSy Actuators from GEMÜ

12.12.2019: GEMÜ 4242 Combi Switchbox for Explosive Range

01.08.2019: New Electrical Position Indicator for High-Purity Valves

07.06.2019: Limit Switch Box for Quarter Turn Valves from GEMÜ

20.02.2019: GEMÜ: More Flexibility, Precision and Ease of Maintenance for Filling Processes

28.01.2019: Gemü Honoured as Global Market Leader for 2018

19.12.2018: 25 Years of Gemü Multi-port Valve Blocks

07.12.2018: Extended Actuator and Nominal Size Range of GEMÜ 567 BioStar Control Valve

24.10.2018: The Conexo Day 2018 – An Expedition with a View to the Future

10.10.2018: At High Speed Into the Future – GEMÜ Founds New start-up inevvo solutions

11.09.2018: Learning for the Future with Virtual Reality and Gemü

03.09.2018: Precise Pressure Monitoring in Systems and Piping with Gemü

20.07.2018: New, Self-Sealing Gemü Connection Principle for Modular Valve Solutions

30.05.2018: Gemü Strengthens its Industrial Business and Acquires New Sales Markets

17.05.2018: New Filling Valve Platform with Innovative PD Design by Gemü

16.04.2018: The Gemü 790 Ball Valve Series is Reliable Even at High Operating Pressures

16.03.2018: Support for the Instrumentation of Process Valves and the Initialization of Electronic Valve Attachments by Gemü

01.03.2018: Electronic Maintenance Support System by Gemü Improved

21.12.2017: Gemü 677HP PurePlus Ultra-Pure Diaphragm Valve

18.10.2017: A Retrofit Solution for Holistic System Life-Cycle Management by Gemü

04.08.2017: The Big Specialist for Small Quantities – Gemü 567 BioStar Control

13.07.2017: Single-Use Diaphragm Valve by Gemü Established on the Market

29.06.2017: Motorized Diaphragm Valve for Aseptic Plant Sections by Gemü

25.09.2015: Gemü Extends Portfolio of Motorized Actuators for Quarter Turn Valves

06.08.2015: Aseptic Stainless Steel Control Valve for Small Volumes

23.04.2015: Gemü 553 Distribution Valve with Modular Body Concept

16.04.2015: The New Gemü Pressure Control Valves Allow Flexibility

30.01.2015: Globe Valve With Membrane Actuator Adept at Control Tasks

24.09.2014: Controlled Process Reliability with Gemü Sumondo

29.08.2014: Extending the Range of Diaphragm Valves for the GEMÜ 673 Series

21.01.2013: GEMÜ R647 – Now Available With Optimized Body Geometry