Tried and tested and versatile – GEMÜ 1436 cPos with new Profinet fieldbus interface

GEMÜ is now expanding its tried and tested GEMÜ 1436 cPos positioner to include additional options in fieldbus environments.
Tried and tested and versatile – GEMÜ 1436 cPos with new Profinet fieldbus interface

Intelligent positioner and integrated process controller GEMÜ 1436 cPos (Bildquelle: GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG)

With the new Profinet fieldbus interface, the GEMÜ 1436 cPos positioner achieves a transmission rate up to 8 x higher. However, the option to perform all setting options easily via the fieldbus interface instead of having to enter these locally on the operating unit remains unchanged. In this way, the process data for controlling the valve position is also transmitted digitally. The new fieldbus type with Profinet also offers other practical benefits for the user, such as a more stable connection and additional configuration options.

In addition to the "standard" versions with analogue signals (0/4…20 mA) and the already available DeviceNet versions and Profibus DP, the electro-pneumatic positioner is now also available with Profinet, the industrial Ethernet standard, which will increasingly become the established standard in the near future in the automation sector.

GEMÜ is therefore expanding its product range in the area of positioners for pneumatically operated equipment. To achieve the widest range of control tasks, the valve specialist now offers a complete product range of positioners. In doing so, the individual series each have specific features and characteristics whereby a balance must always be struck between wide-ranging functionality and cost/benefits.

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