GEMÜ check valves for high and low temperatures

The valve specialist GEMÜ is expanding their product range with the GEMÜ R90 disco check valve and the GEMÜ R91 dual plate check valve.
GEMÜ check valves for high and low temperatures

GEMÜ R90 and GEMÜ R91 check valves. (Image source: GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG)

The check valves withstand media temperatures in a range of -200 to 400 °C and are therefore suitable for use in extremely high and extremely low temperatures.

Both check valves are designed for use in industrial applications, particularly in chemical engineering, water treatment, mechanical engineering or in energy and environmental technology. They can be used for liquids, gases and vapours.

In addition to the main function of the GEMÜ R90 as a non-return check, the valve can also be used as a gravity circulation check in cooling and heating circuits. For pump systems, it can be used as a short circuit check or to protect containers and piping as a vacuum breaker. Special disc guidance prevents the valve plug from tilting. The GEMÜ R90 is available in the nominal sizes DN 15 to 300 as an intermediate flange solution in accordance with the ANSI, ASME and EN standards. ATEX, FDA or KTW compliant versions are also available for the GEMÜ R90.

The GEMÜ R91 dual plate check valve comes with two semicircular plates and is distinguished by its low flow resistance. The dual plate check valve can be used as a non-return check in piping systems or also as a short circuit check for pump systems. The GEMÜ R91 check valve also has the advantage that the dual-plate design with springs guarantees a controlled open pressure of the plates. The GEMÜ R91 also has WRAS approval for use up to + 60 °C and is available in the nominal sizes DN 50 to 600 as an intermediate flange solution in accordance with the ANSI, ASME and EN standards.

Both check valves have standardized lengths in accordance with DIN EN 558-1, Series 49 or DIN EN 558-1, Series 16. Different materials are available for selection, depending on the customer requirement.

With soft-seated sealing, the new check valves in accordance with EN 12266-1/P12 achieve leakage rate A.

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