New Electrical Position Indicator for High-Purity Valves

With the new GEMÜ C12A electrical position indicator, the German company GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau is offering a customer-oriented solution for intelligent process automation in the chemical and semiconductor industry.
New Electrical Position Indicator for High-Purity Valves

Pneumatically operated GEMÜ C50 iComLine diaphragm globe valve with GEMÜ C12A electrical position indicator (Image source: GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau)

The position indicator is available as a mounting part for the pneumatically operated GEMÜ C50 iComLine diaphragm globe valves and is particularly suitable for automation in wet process equipment. The GEMÜ C12A end position indicator detects the position of the valve spindle contactlessly. An electrical signal transmits the respective position of the valve (open/closed) to the plant control system. The electrical position indicator is particularly distinguished by its compact design with reliable functionality and simplicity of installation.

It is available for all nominal sizes in the GEMÜ C50 iComLine series and can also be adapted to the GEMÜ PC50 iComLine M-block. The position indicator can be pre-assembled or supplied as a retrofit kit. The electrical position indicator has the IP 64 electrical protection class and is operated with a 24 V DC connection.

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