Gemü Extends Portfolio of Motorized Actuators for Quarter Turn Valves


Motorized quarter turn actuators are used, amongst other things, to actuate butterfly valves and ball valves. They can perform simple open/close movements and, depending on the version, also carry out control tasks.

Gemü Extends Portfolio of Motorized Actuators for Quarter Turn Valves

GEMÜ 9428 (Image: © 2015 GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG)

The Gemü 9428 and Gemü 9468 series have already been established for some time now and boast a robust and reliable design. The special feature of these actuators, in addition to a solid and low-wear design, is the way in which power is transmitted to the shaft of the respective valve.

More specifically, this means that the torque in the end positions with a constant motor load increases and the speed at a constant motor speed decreases simultaneously. This special design feature brings the nominal torque of the actuator into line with the closing characteristic curve of a quarter turn valve. This not only achieves a constant load on the electric motor being used by avoiding peak loads, it also improves controllability.

Comprehensive product range

The new version of the Gemü 9428 actuator with a nominal torque of 55 Nm completes the two series. With this extension to the portfolio, we now offer a comprehensive product range with nominal torques from 6 Nm up to 400 Nm. Depending on the version, travel times of between 4 and 29 seconds can be implemented. The actuators feature an optical position indicator as standard, as well as a manual override. The end positions of the quarter turn valve can be adjusted via a microswitch. In addition to an emergency power supply, there is also an option to activate different signalling devices using two potential-free limit switches. A control module can also be integrated. The Gemü 9428 and 9468 motorized quarter turn actuators feature a compact design and can be used not only for Gemü butterfly valves and ball valves, but for all valves with a travel range of 90° and a standard flange in accordance with EN ISO 5211. The motor and gearbox are housed in a weather-resistant plastic housing. Both quarter turn actuators are designed for DC and AC operating voltages and can be supplied with different electrical connection options depending on the applications.

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