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Pump manufacturer

16.02.2022: Tapflo Introduces New Submersible Pump Series

23.10.2020: Tapflo Launches CTX – The all new High-Performance Centrifugal Pump Series

17.09.2020: Tapflo Celebrates 40th Anniversary and Establishes Subsidiary in Hungary

06.03.2020: Tapflo – The journey began 40 years ago in Sweden.

10.02.2020: Tapflo Celebrates its 40th Anniversary with the establishment of Tapflo Croatia!

04.11.2019: Are Electrically Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps the Future of the Pump Industry?

11.10.2019: Tapflo Launches the new Range of Filter Press Pumps

02.09.2019: Another Impressive CNC Machine to boost up Tapflo’s Production Capabilities

01.03.2019: Tapflo Benelux Became Exclusive Distributor for Soma Pumps

11.01.2019: Tapflo Announces Establishment of Tapflo Benelux

22.11.2018: Tapflo Group Officially Announces the Establishment of Tapflo Oceania

14.11.2018: New Updated Filter Range from Tapflo

02.11.2018: New Series of Intelligent Diaphragm Pumps from Tapflo

25.10.2018: Tapflo Announces Launch of New Plastic Centrifugal Pump

12.10.2018: Tapflo Announces New Plastic Centrifugal Pump for Aggressive Liquids Containing Solid Particles

06.06.2017: USP VI Approved Pharmaceutical Series Pumps by Tapflo

31.05.2017: Simmtech Process Engineering Ltd. is Appointed New Tapflo Partner for Ontario, Canada

14.02.2017: Tapflo Launches a Comprehensive Range of Progressive Cavity Pumps in South Africa

09.09.2016: Tapflo Introduces Two Biggest Centrifugal Magnetic Drive Pumps

27.06.2016: Tapflo Introduces New, Improved Flap Valves Solution for Sanitary Pumps

23.03.2016: Tapflo With New Distribution in Mexico

21.03.2016: Custom Designed Unit by Tapflo

15.10.2015: New Tapflo Distribution in Jordan

21.08.2015: New Improved Filter Press Solution from Tapflo

16.07.2015: Tapflo Group Launches New Corporate Identity

09.07.2015: Tapflo Introduces FTA Filter Units

06.07.2015: New Centrifugal Magnetic Drive Pump for Handling of Hazardous Fluids

29.06.2015: New Distribution in Morocco

10.06.2015: Tapflo Introduces Built-on Dampener for Diaphragm Pumps

12.03.2015: Tapflo Introduces New Set of Pumping Solutions

11.09.2014: Distribution in Puerto Rico

08.07.2014: Tapflo Expands – New Office in Japan

26.06.2014: Tapflo Group Releases New Self-priming Centrifugal Pump

08.05.2014: Distribution in New Zealand

30.04.2014: New Large Hose Pump from Tapflo Group

17.04.2014: New Pulsation Dampener From Tapflo

04.12.2013: Tapflo Twinpump: One Pump That Works Like Two

27.11.2013: Closed Pump System Gives Cleaner and Safer Work Environment

22.11.2013: Tapflo: Distribution in Thailand

24.10.2013: Tapflo Launches Compact Diaphragm Pump Suitable for PV Industry

18.10.2013: Tapflo Group Introduces Guardian System

11.09.2013: Tapflo Expands Into US Market

15.08.2013: New Flap Valve Technology from Tapflo

26.10.2012: Newly Developed Pump for Sterile Applications

10.09.2009: Jan Wikborg new Product Manager at Tapflo

15.05.2009: Newly Developed Pump for Sterile Applications

07.11.2007: Håkan Ekstrand New Managing Director at Tapflo

23.07.2007: A Magnet-Powered Centrifugal Pump With High Capacity

10.01.2007: Double Capacity with New Membrane Pump

27.07.2005: Tapflo Buys 49 Percent of Italian Pump Company