A Magnet-Powered Centrifugal Pump With High Capacity


Tapflo is launching a compact, magnet-powered centrifugal pump designed for the distribution of low-viscous liquids. Magnet power provides the new pump, Tapflo CTM, with many advantages owing to the construction being entirely closed.

A  Magnet-Powered Centrifugal Pump With High Capacity

Magnet-Powered Centrifugal Pump, Tapflo CTM

These advantages include the elimination of leakage risk, which in turn means the pump is highly suitable for handling toxic, corrosive or other hazardous liquids. CTM comes in three versions with capacities between 4.5 to 10 cubic metres of liquid per hour.

The new Tapflo magnet-powered centrifugal pump, CTM, is the first pump to be developed together with the company’s Italian partner, CDR Pumps.

New power solution in the CTM pump

The design incorporates a solution employing fixed and rotating bushings instead of the traditional axle for the suspension of the impeller. This solution makes the pump less sensitive to pressure impact and easier and safer to dismantle and assemble for service. In turn, this contributes to the strongly competitive price and a good total economy for the user.

– We believe our new CTM will become an international best seller among industries looking for a compact pump with high pump capacity at a competitive price, says Håkan Ekstrand, export manager, Tapflo AB.

Continuous operation and powerful magnets

Tapflo CTM pumps are built for continuous running and can be dry run without damage for short periods. The pump design of few moving components means that it is easy to service and very reliable.

The magnetic pump operation provides many advantages, such as the CTM pump being entirely heretically sealed and consequently not leaking out any hazardous elements or odours. This in turn contributing to a good work environment. The patented solution of powerful, encapsulated magnets provides high torque between the motor and pump, even at high temperatures.

Pump connections feature an external thread which minimises the risks of the connection cracking if it is tightened too much, there being a risk of this occurring with internal threading.

The new Tapflo pumps are made in glass fibre reinforced polypropylene and are suitable for such fields as OEM manufacturers, chemicals processing, foodstuffs, photographic developing and the surface treatment industry. The CTM pump can distribute liquids with temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius.

The pump is also available in a PVDF plastic version that can operate with liquids of temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius.

Source: Tapflo AB

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