Tapflo Buys 49 Percent of Italian Pump Company


Tapflo AB, with its head office in Kungälv, Sweden has purchased 49 percent of the shares in the Milan-based company, CDR Pumps. Tapflo will thereby have access to the Italian pump manufacturer’s vast technical competence as well as the company’s wide range of magnetically driven centrifugal pumps.

Today Italian CDR Pumps has a turnover of about 3,8 M EURO, 70 percent of which is in the Italian market. The merger also gives CDR Pumps access to Tapflo’s extensive global sales organisation.

“Together with CDR Pumps we can now offer our customers a wider assortment of pumps, and further strengthen our position in our markets,” says Håkan Ekstrand, Export Manager at Tapflo. “Our customers will benefit from a stronger supplier who can provide products that largely meet all their needs for effective pump solutions.”

CDR Pumps, which manufactures magnetically driven centrifugal pumps, is a great complement to Tapflo’s pump assortment. The magnetically driven pumps are especially useful for handling poisonous, corrosive, or otherwise hazardous liquids. The pump system is completely contained thanks to the magnetic drive which prevents dangerous substances from leaking out into the work environment. The pumps are suitable for industries such as chemical processing or surface treatment. They are created and delivered in both metal and thermoplastic depending on the type of liquid to be pumped.

“With our robust export organisation, we believe we can double CDR’s turnover in a few years. The merger also gives us a very high level of combined technical competence, something that will become evident in future innovative pump solutions,” says Håkan Ekstrand.

Today Tapflo is represented, through its own company and its partners, in 35 countries, which gives CDR Pumps considerable export possibilities. Currently only 30 percent of CDR’s pumps are sold outside the Italian home market.

TAPFLO develops and manufactures air-operated pumps for industrial applications. The company was founded in 1985. Over the years, the company has supplied pumps to industry in more than 30 countries around the world. At present, the company’s product range comprises around 20 different models to meet all needs. The pumps have capacities ranging from 0 to 425 litres a minute and maximum 80 metres’ pressure altitude. TAPFLO is represented in more than 35 countries. The company is quality-certified to ISO 9001:2000

Source: Tapflo AB

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