New Flap Valve Technology from Tapflo


This huge capacity increase means you can pump potato salad, poultry waste in chicken slaughterhouses and similar application areas. The Tapflo T225 can now pump food or waste up to 38 millimetres across and the T425 up to 48 millimetres.

The T225 and T425 flap pumps are designed to meet the exacting demands of the food industry for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilisation.

“We are a listening company and when our customers tell us what they want, we naturally do all we can to find an answer to these needs,” says Tapflos MD, Håkan Ekstrand. “Developing our new flap valves is a typical example of the way we interface with our customers.”

Jam with whole strawberries

The pumps with the new flap valves can be used for e.g. jam with whole fruit or liquids with large solids that are to be pumped without being damaged.

“With our new flap valves, you can pump strawberry jam containing whole strawberries, for instance,” says Ekstrand. “The fruit stays in one piece all the way from the cistern through the pumps and into the jam jars.”

Smart design

Like every other part of the pump that comes in contact with the liquid being pumped, the new flap valves are made of stainless steel, AISI 316 L (SS 2343). The valves are engineered to deliver safe and reliable performance. Clip assembly ensures simple pump maintenance and cleaning.

Source: Tapflo AB

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