Double Capacity with New Membrane Pump


Tapflo are now launching a large capacity pressure-powered membrane pump. The primary target groups for the new membrane pump are the chemicals, the paint and the processing industries, but also the ceramics industry because the large connection point allows the through-flow of sharp and rough waste products.

Double Capacity with New Membrane Pump

Tapflo now offer membrane pumps with capacities ranging from the small TR9 at 9 litres per minute right up to 820 litres per minute with the new T800. The picture shows the TR9 placed above the new Tapflo T800 (foto: Tapflo).

The T800 has a pump capacity of 820 litres per minute at an air pressure of 8 bar. The pump is made in polythene (PE) with a three inch connection.

The new T800 Tapflo pump is the largest in the membrane pump series built by the company and one of the most powerful on the market. The T800 is being launched in a polythene version but later will be made available in PTFE plastic, acid-free steel and aluminium versions.

"We have received many enquiries from industries looking for a pump with large capacity and entirely safe for use with toxic and unhealthy liquids," says Mick Barnes, Managing Director Tapflo Uk Ltd. "Our new pump will be right for them," says Mick. "The membrane pumps can pump all types of liquid because they are hermetically sealed. With the T800 we can now challenge other kinds of pumps capacity-wise, such as cog-wheel pumps, cavity pumps and lobe-rotor pumps.

The T800 can handle more or less all kinds of liquid from water to toxic, aggressive and corrosive liquids and with temperatures up to 70°C. The new Tapflo pump is suitable for industries handling such elements as chemicals, paint and varnish or industries producing unhealthy or sharp particles in their waste water.

The membrane pump needs no electricity, being powered solely by compressed air or other suitable propellant. Pump capacity is controlled by air pressure flow.

Source: Tapflo AB

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