Closed Pump System Gives Cleaner and Safer Work Environment


The new air-driven drum mixer system Pneumix from Tapflo is primarily designed for industries that handle paint, ink, solvents, alcohols or chemicals from drums and containers. In environments where explosive gas mixtures are handled, for example, Tapflo’s ATEX-approved diaphragm pumps (which fulfil the new EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 100a)) are used in the drum mixer system.

Closed Pump System Gives Cleaner and Safer Work Environment

Pump and mixer in one (Image: Tapflo)

“To resolve the problem with paint or other chemicals that congeal and separate in the drum, separate mixers were previously used or the drum was simply rolled around on the ground before the contents were pumped up,” says Gunnar Theding, Sales Manager at Tapflo in Sweden. “Our Pneumix now solves this by first pumping the drum’s contents through the mixer segment, which creates a stirring effect. After mixing, the contents only need to be pumped up.”

Mixer and pump in one

The Pneumix system consists of a mixer unit and an air-driven diaphragm pump. The mixer unit is adjusted to the drum or container size and the liquid’s characteristics, and mounted via a coupling direct on the drum’s fill opening. The pump transports the liquid around through the mixer unit’s then closed system and achieves an optimal mixing of the liquid. The amount of liquid that is to be pumped around can be easily adjusted based on need. After the mixing procedure, the same pump is used to transport the contents.

Pumping and mixing are adjusted simply by controlling the mixer unit’s two valves. The mixer is made of acid-proof steel and polypropylene. Tapflo’s diaphragm pumps are available in various materials and adapted to the Pneumix system depending on what type of liquid is to be handled.

Simple installation

Pneumix fits most drums and containers available on the market up to 1,000 litres. The new mixer system has no moving parts, which gives Pneumix a long lifetime and minimises the need for service. Installation is simple, as the new drum mixer system does not require any electrical connections; the pump and mixer are both driven by compressed air.

Pneumix prevents spillage through its closed system and saves time as many phases in the handling of the liquids disappear. The mixer system from Tapflo minimises exposure to dangerous substances and contributes to a cleaner and safer working environment.

Source: Tapflo AB

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