Tapflo Introduces Built-on Dampener for Diaphragm Pumps


Tapflo pump with a built-on dampener combines the advantages of standard pumps with the active pulsation dampener in a compact manner. The dampener housing is also the pump manifold so there is no need to worry about connecting the dampener to the pump. This solution does not affect the pump flow nor the dampening effect.

Available in pump sizes TR20, T50 and T100 and all material executions.


  • Compact Ready to use integrated set of Tapflo pumps and DT pulsation dampener. No piping or additional connections is required.
  • In Line Pump outlet is at the same time dampener outlet.
  • Better dampening DT pulsation dampener is fully inline, to obtain best possible dampening effect.
  • Dedicated for each pump size same size of Pulsation Dampener is used.
  • Convertible Built on Dampener can be implemented in already existing pumps, just by replacing pump outlet (pos. 13) with DTK pulsation dampener.

Picture: Tapflo

Source: Tapflo AB

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