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21.03.2024: BPMA Reports 2024 Pump Industry Award Winners

23.02.2024: Post-Brexit Standards and Directives for Pumps

19.02.2024: BPMA Observes Department of Business and Trade’s Extension of CE Marking Recognition

30.01.2024: Three New Members Are Welcomed by BPMA

07.11.2023: Europump Chooses the UK for Its 2024 Gathering of Pump Industry Executives

01.09.2023: BPMA Welcomes Four New Members

23.08.2023: Nominations Being Sought for Industry-Wide Recognition Across the Pump Sector

10.08.2023: Pump Sector Welcomes Announcement on CE Marking

01.06.2023: Pump Sector Offers its Position on the Restriction of PFAS Materials

30.05.2023: BPMA Delivers Bespoke Pump Training in Baku

25.04.2023: More Members for the BPMA

20.04.2023: BPMA Welcomes its New Director and CEO

03.04.2023: Pump Industry Recognises Excellence Once More

23.02.2023: Energy Efficiency – Are Attitudes Changing?

21.02.2023: 2023 Pump Industry Awards Finalists Announced

12.12.2022: Entry Deadline Fast Approaching for the Pump Industry’s Annual Awards Programme

25.11.2022: BPMA Welcomes its New President

16.09.2022: 2023 Pump Industry Awards – Nominations Now Open

18.05.2022: Regulation 4 Compliance Clarification

25.04.2022: Pump Sector Celebrates Excellence Once More

21.02.2022: BPMA: 2022 Pump Industry Awards Finalists Revealed

01.02.2022: BPMA’s E-Learning

09.12.2021: Four New Associate Members for the BPMA

03.11.2021: 2022 Pump Industry Awards – Call for Nominations Now Open

06.10.2021: Pump Sector Finally Enjoys its Long-Awaited Awards

10.09.2021: Excellence Rewarded at Long Awaited PIA Ceremony

04.08.2021: Yet More Companies Realise Membership Value

12.07.2021: Pump Repair Training – A Welcome Addition

16.06.2021: BPMA Membership Continues to Grow

10.06.2021: BPMA and AEMT Sign Mutual Co-operation Agreement

20.05.2021: Four More Companies Sign-Up to the BPMA

01.04.2021: Pump ‘E-Learning’ Enjoys Year-on-Year Growth

17.03.2021: Pumps: Missing in Climate Action?

09.03.2021: Pump Industry Awards Ceremony Postponed to September

04.03.2021: BPMA Welcomes Three New Members

01.03.2021: BPMA Introduces New Pump Repair Training Course

12.01.2021: BPMA Membership Continues to Grow

07.01.2021: The BPMA Conducts Course as Virtual Pump Training

04.12.2020: BPMA Signs 100th Member

19.08.2020: BPMA Reaches Record Membership Number

06.05.2020: BPMA Enlists Two New Members

30.04.2020: BPMA Announces New Online Pump Engineering Forum

15.04.2020: BPMA Members Support COVID-19 Fight Back

08.04.2020: COVID-19 Forces Pump Industry Awards Postponement

12.03.2020: BPMA Pump Training Goes Travelling

25.02.2020: BPMA’s Skills Development Portfolio Expanded to include Management Training

17.02.2020: 2020 Pump Industry Awards Finalists Announced

16.01.2020: BPMA Repeats CE Marking Guidance – Essential for all Pump Manufacturers, Distributors and Set Builders

08.01.2020: BPMA Signs Membership Swap with HHIC

10.12.2019: BPMA Presents Recent Actvities & Achievements at AGM

27.11.2019: BPMA Membership Continues to Expand

18.11.2019: The BPMA Golf Day – A True Networking Event

09.10.2019: The Accolade of Lifetime Achievement – And What it Means

13.09.2019: BPMA Signs Up Three New Members

09.09.2019: Pump Industry Awards – 20 Years of Celebrating Pump Excellence

06.09.2019: BPMA Announces Next CPSA Course

12.08.2019: Success for BPMA’s CE Marking Guidance Course

18.07.2019: BPMA Publishes New Buyers Guide

03.07.2019: BPMA CE Marking Guidance – For All Pump Manufacturers, Distributors and Set Builders

21.06.2019: BPMA Freezes Membership Fees

16.05.2019: Excellence Rewarded at Pump Industry Awards

29.03.2019: 2019 Pump Industry Awards – Winners Revealed

28.02.2019: BPMA Announces Pump Industry Awards Finalists

15.02.2019: BPMA and Lancaster University Sign Mutual Co-operation Agreement

10.12.2018: BPMA Announces New President

14.11.2018: BPMA Offers New E-Learning Courses

11.10.2018: Dutypoint Seeks BPMA Advice on Product Compliance

02.10.2018: Pump Industry Awards – Call for Nominations Now Open

28.09.2018: Second EURIS Summit Urges Business Friendly Brexit

30.08.2018: BPMA Supports Second EURIS Summit and the Launch of its ‘Industrial Product Supply’ Report

06.08.2018: BPMA Appoints Technical Services Officer

19.07.2018: BPMA Supports Letter to Prime Minister Expressing Concerns over Brexit ‘No Deal’ Scenario

12.07.2018: BPMA Publishes Directory & Buyers Guide

05.07.2018: BPMA Publishes Directory & Buyers Guide

01.06.2018: BPMA Joins Other Trade Bodies at CE Mark Briefing

24.05.2018: BPMA Supports First EURIS Summit and the Creation of a European Network

19.04.2018: BPMA Rewards Engineering Excellence Once Again

28.02.2018: BPMA Membership Continues to Grow

18.12.2017: BPMA Announces New President

13.10.2017: BPMA E-Learning Courses Receive CPD Accreditation

11.10.2017: BPMA Membership Continues to Grow With Two New Member Sign-Ups

24.08.2017: BPMA Training Receives CPD Accreditation

03.03.2017: BPMA Enjoys Several New Member Sign-Ups

24.02.2017: BPMA Announces 2017 Pump Industry Awards Finalists

14.02.2017: BPMA Maintains Pressure for Market Surveillance Delivery

22.11.2016: BPMA Offers Further Electrical Competency Training

26.10.2016: 75 Years BPMA Celebrated in Style

31.08.2016: Bower Bows Out as BPMA Technical Committee Chairman and Hollins Hops On-board

19.08.2016: BPMA and European Sealing Association Sign Mutual Cooperation Agreement

01.06.2016: BPMA Launches 3-Day Electrical Competency Course

11.05.2016: BPMA Presents Seminar Paper at Utility Week Live

24.03.2016: Pump Industry Awards Winners Announced

25.02.2016: BPMA Launches New Website

05.02.2016: 2016 Marks the 75th Anniversary of the British Pump Manufacturers Association

10.12.2015: BPMA Announces New President

25.11.2015: Market Surveillance and Circulator Pumps

11.11.2015: BPMA & EMA to develop better pump understanding

08.10.2015: BPMA Offers a Selection of Traditional Lecture-Based Pumping Fundamentals Courses