The BPMA Golf Day – A True Networking Event

Some will question the value, and indeed validity of a corporate Golf Day, especially those that don’t play the age-old game.

But for those that do and can enjoy the shared interest with customers, colleagues and other business associates, the opportunity is always a welcomed one; and they would argue that the benefits are truly tangible.

So, when the BPMA Council was asked by Derek Hill some 20 years ago, who at the time was Managing Director of Girdlestone Pumps and President of the Association, whether it would be able to organise a dedicated Golf Day for the pump industry, some time was spent considering the various viewpoints.

The idea being suggested was the creation of a focused ‘networking’ event to which Members, and particularly the smaller SME’s who might not have the capacity to arrange their own corporate event, could invite their key customers (who also happened to be golf enthusiasts), and enjoy a pleasant day out of the office, in a relaxed, neutral and above all enjoyable environment.

The opportunity to mix with other companies and individuals operating with this key sector, to exchange ideas and to make new contacts, was seen to offer a practical and worthwhile business event, and one which dovetailed nicely with the core objectives of the pump sector’s trade association.

As such, the BPMA accepted the challenge, regarding it as a way of helping members who wouldn t otherwise have the resources or overall numbers to organise this type of social event themselves.

Fast forward and the annual BPMA Golf Day is now a regular, well-attended annual event; one which Members, and their customers, are keen to pencil into diaries.

Steve Schofield, Executive Director of the BPMA comments “I am always pleased, and very often surprised, with the attendance this event now enjoys. In a business arena where every expenditure is assessed for optimum benefit, our members still value and support this activity. Given the opportunity to engage with a range of business contacts from across the pump sector, be they suppliers, distributors or end users, it is evident that the event provides a wonderfully enjoyable networking environment”.

Steve continued, “It’s not just about the golf, but more about having the time to engage and nurture, whilst fostering business relations that might otherwise not exist. The dinner in the evening only adds to the occasion, creating a suitable conclusion to a thoroughly entertaining and productive day”.

The BPMA has been fortunate to stage its annual Golf Day at some of the most prestigious Golf Clubs across the UK, and to negotiate some really good prices into the bargain! Next year will be no exception with BPMA s 2020 Golf Day being held at the prestigious Belton Woods Golf Course, near Grantham in Lincolnshire on Thursday 21st May.

A real test even for even the most enthusiastic player, The Lakes is a par 72 course, standing at 6776 yards. As the name might suggest, water guards the approaches to many greens, so course management and shot placement is key. The holes are long and the fairways tight, so anything wayward from the tee could result in you having to lay up in front of the water. A veritable challenge for all – the 9th hole, at over 600 yards, is one of the longest in Europe.

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