BPMA Membership Continues to Grow

The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) – the organisation which represents the business interests of UK and Irish suppliers of liquid pumps and related equipment – continues to grow beyond its recent milestone of 100 member companies with two new additions.
BPMA Membership Continues to Grow

BPMA Membership Continues to Grow. (Image source: BPMA)

GMT Electrical Services is latest company to appreciate the benefits afforded to BPMA members. Established in 1986, its three founding partners had previously worked together at one of the sectors leading companies before deciding to combine their wealth of experience and branch out on their own.

Over the past three decades, GMT has witnessed considerable change in the repair and rewind industry but has always maintained its ability to adapt and accommodate these changes. This Croydon based company has continually expanded its knowledge base and grown its understanding in the key areas of pump repair and installation, motor rewind, single and three phase electrical motor repair, gearbox repair and installation along with a wide range of fan repair and installation activities.

Taking pride in their work, the experienced GMT team always carry out repairs to the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring completions are as close to original factory standards as possible, and sometimes even with improvements.

Another company to realise the opportunities presented through membership of the BPMA is Associated Foreign Exchange Limited (AFEX), recently joining as an Associate Member.

Managing global payments and foreign exchange exposure can be a daily necessity for large corporations with a multinational presence. It can become even more challenging when working across multiple jurisdictions or expanding to new markets. AFEX offers a range of payment solutions and FX services for this category of business.

Additionally, its SME risk management solutions and FX payments are perfectly suited to small and medium-sized enterprises that want to manage exposure to currency fluctuations.

Welcoming these latest two companies into membership, Steve Smith, Assistant Director and Operations Manager at the BPMA said: “It is truly gratifying to know that not only are the wide range of services offered by the association enjoyed by our existing members, but they continue to appeal to others and so help drive membership growth. This is especially so given the challenges being brought about through the Coronavirus pandemic.”
He continued: “We are delighted that these two quite different businesses have decided to join the BPMA, and we look forward to working with them over the coming months and years, and to help in their future development.”

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