BPMA Pump Training Goes Travelling

Lecture based classroom training travels to Ireland and Scotland.

The British Pump Manufacturers’ Association (BPMA) has for some time recognised that for members and colleagues based in the north of England, Scotland and Ireland, it is not always easy or possible to travel to its Midland’s based training centre, to participate in lecture based classroom courses.

But with significant and ongoing interest in these independent pump training courses from many companies based in these regions, and following a number of specific requests, the BPMA can now announce that two of its most popular training courses - Pumping Fundamentals and Pump Systems - are to be delivered in Ireland and Scotland.

The first two courses will be held in Dublin, Ireland on 21st & 22nd April respectively, and repeated on 12th & 13th May in Stirling, Scotland.

The Pumping Fundamentals course (21st April in Dublin and 12th May in Stirling) is ideal for those who have already undertaken the "Introduction to Pumping Technology" e-Learning course.  Once completed, delegates will be able to:

  • Contribute to the pump selection process through improved knowledge of the hydraulic performance and behaviour of pumps and their operating limitations
  • Recognise the reasons for the selection of pump types
  • Understand pumping system characteristics and the interaction of pumps and systems for single and multiple pump installations
  • Recognise operating conditions which cause pump and system operating problems
  • Contribute to good practice in the specification, selection, and operation of pumps.

Following attendance at the Pump Systems course (22nd April in Dublin and 13th May in Stirling) delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of the terms and the difference between “system head”, “static head”, “velocity head” and “friction head”
  • Describe a “system curve” and understand how it is derived
  • Understand how to determine performance in multiple pump operations
  • Know the differences and relationship between NPSH, (NPSH)R and (NPSH)A
  • Understand the main requirements of pump system design and the problems associated with poor design.

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