BPMA Announces New Online Pump Engineering Forum

The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) is delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new standalone Pump Engineering Forum.

Aimed at Plant, Process and Maintenance Engineers, Consultants and Buyers within end-user industries, along with pump manufacturers and distributors around the world, this dedicated online forum will build into a comprehensive repository of pump selection, installation, and application information.

The aim is to encourage information transfer, engineering discussion and collaboration, improved communication and to help develop a highly informed group of pump users across industry. With engagement from both pump users and pump manufacturers & suppliers, it will become the ‘go-to forum’ for pump related problem solving, including pump system design & delivery, mechanical & electrical installations, pump selection, correct sizing, improved energy efficiency and optimised operation.

This platform will permit anyone to ask questions on any problems that they may be experiencing and allow the online community to help address those queries. Unlike other forums in which the same questions seem to be raised repeatedly, the BPMA forum has structured folders where previously posted questions and their respective answers can be archived and so be readily accessed.

It also allows suppliers and manufacturers to upload details of the equipment or services they supply and offer, again under appropriate classifications. Other features include relevant information on UK/European/International Standards, Employment Matters, Conferences, Tradeshows, News and Publications.

Registration has been configured to be as simple a process as possible and once completed, users will have access to the full spectrum of features.

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