Rovatti Pompe S.p.A.

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Pump manufacturer

29.07.2020: Rovatti Pompe Provides Pumps for Primary Water Supply System in South America

28.11.2017: Rovatti PTO Pumps for Agricultural Tasks

18.05.2017: Rovatti Pompe Provides a Wide Range of Pumps for the Main Fish Farms in the Scandinavian Countries

11.04.2017: Rovatti Pompe Provides Pumps for a Primary Water Supply

24.11.2016: Rovatti Pompe Reveals New and Effective High Efficiency Pumping Solutions for Deep Installations

28.10.2016: Rovatti Pompe Provides Pumps for Tuas South Incineration Plant

07.04.2016: New Rovatti 10V-300 Vertical Lineshaft Pumps

21.03.2016: The New Rovatti 10E-180 for Your Deep Installations

17.04.2015: Rovatti Pompe: New 6″ Borehole Electric Pumps

06.02.2015: Rovatti Completes Corporate Strategy

09.01.2015: New Single-stage SAE Flanged Pumps For Thermic Engines

18.11.2014: Rovatti Presents New MEKX100-100 Series

26.05.2014: New Rovatti MEKX80-70 Series

11.04.2014: New Rovatti SNE Centrifugal Pumps Exceed EN733

17.03.2014: Rovatti Presents New Electric Borehole Pumps

24.10.2013: Rovatti Introduces Products for Deep Installations

17.10.2013: Rovatti Pumps Help to Cope With the Severe Flood in Russia’s Far East

11.09.2013: Rovatti Pompe: High-efficient Norm Pumps

14.11.2012: Rovatti Pompe Reveals New and Effective High Efficiency Pumping solutions

14.03.2012: Sustainable Innovation Award: Rovatti Pompe Wins in the Category Environmental Section

12.01.2012: Rovatti Highlights the Enlargement of Borehole Pump Series

11.11.2011: Rovatti Pompe Announced Launch of New Website

10.02.2011: New Pump Series Launched by Rovatti

29.10.2010: New Rovatti High Efficiency SNE Pump Series

25.01.2010: New Rovatti MEKVS: High Efficiency and Versatile Pumping Solution

25.11.2009: A Complete Production Range for Tank Filling and Liquid

30.07.2009: New MEKVX Series by Rovatti

18.05.2009: The Vertical Lineshaft Solution With High Efficiency and Corrosion Resistance

24.02.2009: Rovatti Pumps: Quick, Easy And Cost-Effective Maintenance

24.04.2006: Rovatti Pumps Feed the Fountains at Euroflora

23.09.2005: New Wastewater Pump from Rovatti

25.01.2002: New Electric Submersible Pumps for Waste Water: RH 150