Rovatti Pompe Provides Pumps for Tuas South Incineration Plant


Rovatti Pompe has recently completed a significant supply of several pumps for the Tuas South Incineration Plant, the fourth and largest refuse incineration plant in Singapore.

Rovatti Pompe Provides Pumps for Tuas South Incineration Plant


This municipal structure (completed in June 2000 and designed to incinerate 3,000 tonnes of refuse daily), together with the other plants will meet for a long time the refuse disposal needs of Singapore and help in achieving a clean living environment for all Singaporeans.

Rovatti Pompe has provided 5 vertical lineshaft pumping units of 10” with AISI 316 stainless steel shaft and impellers drived by 50Hz electric motors controlled by a frequency variator.

The purpose of this advanced pumping solution was to feed water tanks (located at 20 meters in height from the station) that are functional for the many different recycling waste processing activities.

The process pumped water reaches temperatures varying between 60° and 80° C and the fielded Rovatti solution meets the installation requirements with performance and hydraulic efficiency that exceed the engineering expectations thanks to the high quality construction materials (such as the AISI 316 investment casting stainless steel hydraulic components and the bronze wear elements) and to the exclusive hydraulic project designed for the vertical lineshaft range.

For this reason the Tuas South Incineration Plant has chosen to replace the old installed pump models with those provided by the Italian Rovatti Pompe in order to make a quantum leap in terms of performance, trouble-free operation and long-time safety working conditions.

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