Rovatti Presents New MEKX100-100 Series


With the aim of providing a solution that exceeds excellence for irrigation and industrial applications, during the recent EIMA 2014 (Bologna - Italy) Rovatti Pompe has presented to the market the latest generation of horizontal and vertical multistage electric pumps in microcasted stainless steel MEKX100-100 series that extends the MEKX80-70 range.

Available, again, in 3 different configurations (vertical, horizontal with axial inlet and horizontal with radial inlet) this product range is able to ensure an exceptional application flexibility next to multiple advantages, including:

  • enhanced corrosion and wear resistance due to the microcasted stainless steel hydraulic cells costruction materials;
  • optimized modular hydraulic cells in order to guarantee the best possible efficiency (close to 80%) with minimum power consumption;
  • extreme ease of maintenance thanks to the exclusive Twinner System (available with packed gland execution) and to the Easy&Fast cartridge mechanical seal.

This latter component, in fact, is a balanced mechanical seal according to DIN 24960 norms that allows its same replacement without dismantle the pump in order to simplify maintenance operations considerably reducing intervention costs.

Inasmuch as enquiries regarding high-performance pumping solutions are globally increasing representing a dare for pump manufacturers, Rovatti Pompe continues to engage in an active program of research and development with the aim to steadily offer to its customers and to the market more and more advanced technical solutions capable of representing an optimal answer for any pumping need.

Picture: MEKX100-100 (Image: Rovatti Pompe)

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