Rovatti Pompe Reveals New and Effective High Efficiency Pumping Solutions for Deep Installations


Rovatti Pompe presented the following new productions which extend the wide range of electric borehole pumps.

Rovatti Pompe Reveals New and Effective High Efficiency Pumping Solutions for Deep Installations


New mixed-flow lines 8E-85 and 10E-240 (respectively 8” and 10” inches pumps): in addition to offering an hydraulic efficiency (close to 80%), these new range presents many distinguishing characteristics regarding design and manufacture as the use of stainless steel investment casting impellers which are dynamically and hydraulically balanced. This type of execution is able to ensure maximum reliability thanks to the single monolithic construction, a very thick structure and by presenting no welding joints together with a compact and smooth surface which has the further advantage to improve hydraulic efficiency. In addition to this, all pumps in the 8E-85 and 10E-240 range are cataphoresis treated in order to considerably increase the resistance to wear and corrosion. Rovatti cataphoresis treatment is characterized by a high adhesion to the surfaces and uniformity of the coating also in the inner cavities of the component. The result is a black semi-gloss protective layer with homogeneous thickness that produces a reduced surface friction in the hydraulic channels improving pump performances.

New mixed-flow lines 14E-650 and 16E-1000 (respectively 14” and 16” inches pumps): the hydraulic components of these new pumps are completely manufactured in carbon steel and the impellers (hydraulically and dynamically balanced) are cataphoresis treated. The first impeller is not balanced to eliminate the negative axial load on the motor counter-thrust bearing. Such arrangements allow the safe operation of the electric motor that for this dimension becomes extremely advantageous. The investment casting execution, the reduced radial overall dimensions and weight are the result of a modern and careful ergonomics design of the products.

New radial line 10ER-70 (10” inches pump): radial wet end multistage centrifugal pump with incorporated retaining valve, external shells and tie rods. This innovative electric pump combines high hydraulic efficiency, high specific manometric head and capacity compared to the 10” market standard products. At the same performance, this series can boast reduced axial and radial dimensions and weights compared to the market construction standard. The smart resizing has allowed to use investment casting stainless steel impellers and diffusers instead of cast iron with clear constructive benefits.

“Even if the current socio-economic context is not the most favorable”, says the CEO of Rovatti Pompe Mr Andrea Rovatti, “our company will continue to invest a lot of resources in an active program of research and development to provide our customers and the markets always with the most efficient pumping solutions able to progressively improve the efficiency, reliability and troublefree maintenance procedures of all our products”.

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