The Vertical Lineshaft Solution With High Efficiency and Corrosion Resistance


The new AISI 316 casted stainless steel 6’’ and 8’’ Rovatti vertical turbine lineshaft pumps, series 6VX and 8VX, have been engineered for the efficient and reliable pumping even of corrosive liquids in a wide variety of civil, marine and industrial applications.

The Vertical Lineshaft Solution With High Efficiency and Corrosion Resistance

Rovatti A. & Figli Pompe S.p.A.

The drive unit consists of a discharge base fitted for drive heads with flanged electric motor; motor coupling by special split joint, for mechanical seal removing without motor disassembly. Adjustable cartridge mechanical seal.

All the parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Shafts and couplings are made of AISI 329 duplex stainless steel. Impellers are locked on the shaft by unified keys and are equipped with shaft protecting spacer bushes.

The high quality design and material solutions assure long-life functioning, reliability and easy maintenance. The AISI 316 hydraulic components of these pumps are obtained through micro-casting process. The parts formed do not show welding

joints and are characterized by compact and smooth surfaces.

This means greater work resistance and makes them more suitable than those obtained by cold-stamping process, especially with high abrasive and aggressive waters.

With over 50 years of experience, 4500 products and a world-wide presence, Rovatti guarantees reliable and innovative solutions.

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