Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Yamuna, Survey No. 98/(3-7), Baner
411 045 Pune
Pump manufacturer

25.10.2023: Kirloskar Brothers Limited Unveils I HP Mini-Series Pumps: ANNIKA-I and ANISA-I

05.10.2023: KBL Receives Patent for Hydro Power Generation System

08.06.2023: Kirloskar Brothers Limited Expands Into the New HVAC Segment with the Launch of the KW-LC Pump

06.04.2023: New DBxe Pump by Kirloskar Brothers Limited

16.08.2022: IoT-Based Remote Pump Monitoring System KirloSmart Now Comes with Advanced Features

24.03.2022: Kirloskar Brothers Limited Showcases New Generation of Energy-Efficient Pumps

18.01.2022: Kirloskar Brothers Limited wins ‘India’s Most Ethical Company’ Award

16.12.2021: Kirloskar Brothers Launches Mini Range Pumps AARNA

06.12.2021: KBL Receives Patent for Arrangements for Reducing the Weight of Pumps

19.11.2021: KBL Received Patent for Double Suction Concrete Volute Pumping Assembly

28.09.2021: KBL Introduces NEO Series 4-inch Borewell Submersible Pumps

01.09.2021: KBL Introduces a New Line of its Self-Priming Coupled Pumpset

09.08.2021: Key Organisational Changes at Kirloskar Brothers Limited

28.07.2021: Reverse Engineering: More than a Practical and Cost-Effective Solution

12.07.2021: KBL Receives Patent for Dual Voltage Controller

15.06.2021: KBL Opens Advanced Technology Product Division at Kirloskarvadi Factory

04.06.2021: Be Monsoon Ready with KBL’s Flood-Control Autoprime Pump Unit

11.05.2021: Intelligent Water Supply Solution for Serving the Changing Water Demand at Constant Pressure

15.04.2021: KirloSmart: An Intelligent, IoT-Based Remote Pump Monitoring System

26.03.2021: KBL Provides Pumps for Mettur Surplus Water Scheme Project in Tamil Nadu

23.02.2021: KBL Wins Two Prestigious Awards

12.02.2021: KBL Stays Ahead of the Tech Curve with KBLOne4All App for e-Warranty Registration for their Pumps

14.01.2021: Renewed BIS Certification and BEE Star Rating for KBL Pumps

08.12.2020: KBL Supplies Fire-Fighting Pump Sets to the Historic Atal Tunnel Project

15.10.2020: KBL launches energy-efficient SP coupled pump-set fitted with IE4 motor

16.03.2016: CII recognised Kaizen Practices at KEPL

05.10.2015: KEPL Supplies High-Speed and High-Pressure API BB5 Pumps to Saudi Aramco

10.09.2015: Kirloskar Brothers Acquires Rodelta Pumps

24.07.2015: KBL Launches Technologically Advanced GK-P Process

03.07.2015: KBL Launches Romak Pump

22.05.2015: Kirloskar Bags Repeat Order from Turkey’s Calik Enerji for Supply of Power Plant Pumps

10.04.2015: KBL’s LLC Pumps Series Receives the India Design Mark

26.03.2015: KBL Launches New Series of Pumps

06.02.2015: KBL Launches i-NS Pump Series

27.01.2015: KBL Inaugurates Warehouse Facility in Kirloskarvadi

04.12.2014: KBL Awarded at the 5th Asia Employer Brand Awards 2014

28.04.2014: Kirloskar Brothers to provide energy audits & system analysis value-adds to Egypt’s irrigation & agriculture sectors

17.02.2012: KBL Launches New Website

19.01.2012: KBL Receives Trademark Registration for Jalverter

09.01.2012: KBL Launches Mobile Pump Controller

29.09.2011: KBL Launches Innovative Design Tamper Proof Kinetic Air Valve

01.09.2011: KBL Receives Factory Mutual (FM) Certification for Valves

23.06.2011: KBL Inaugurates New Plant at Coimbatore

04.05.2011: Kirloskar Brothers Unveils an Exclusive Energy Audit Services Website

21.04.2011: India’s Largest Concrete Volute pump for Cooling Water Application

25.03.2011: Kirloskar Brothers Limited Concludes Nationwide Centenary Celebration in Pune

10.03.2011: KBL Manufactures Horizontal Split Case Pump for Circulating Water Duty in a Power Plant in India

21.02.2011: KBL Erects and Commissions FM/UL Approved Fire Hydrant System in Plate Mill Project

01.08.2005: Kirloskar Brothers Members Approve Stock Split

12.02.2004: Vertical Turbine Pumps for Suriname

13.11.2003: Kirloskar Acquires a Pump Company in UK

25.01.2002: Introducing Inline Vertical Multistage Pumps