KBL Received Patent for Double Suction Concrete Volute Pumping Assembly

Kirloskar Brothers Limited successfully received a patent for its Concrete Volute Pumping Assembly. This patent is a significant milestone as it will help the company offer its Concrete Volute Pumps with reduced submergence leading to reduced excavation cost to the customer. The patent will further consolidate KBL as a leader in the designing and manufacturing of Concrete Volute Pumps worldwide.
KBL Received Patent for Double Suction Concrete Volute Pumping Assembly

KBL Received Patent for Double Suction Concrete Volute Pumping Assembly. (Image source: Kirloskar Brothers Ltd)

KBL has designed and constructed CVPs for many large irrigation and powers projects, stormwater applications, including Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd, Reliance Energy Ltd, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL), BMA Thailand.

The Concrete Volute Pump was a revolutionary development in the pump industry. Concrete Volute Pumps derive their name as the casting and suction draft tube is concrete, while the rotating parts are metallic. As the casing is constructed in concrete at the site, CVP is the most suitable pumping option from techno-economic consideration for handling large volumes of water. Concrete Volute Pumps guarantee strength and rigidity and virtually eliminate the problems of corrosion and erosion. It also ensures higher & consistent pump efficiencies over a sustained period of operation. Due to the simplicity of construction and ease of maintenance, the reliability achieved is 99.95 percent.

Concrete Volute Pumps by Kirloskar are widely used for Sea Water applications, applications like Circulating / Condenser Cooling Water for Power Plants, Lift Irrigation, Water Supply, Drainage and Flood Control, Dry Docks and Desalination. High Reliability, Design Simplicity and Superior Operating Performance make Kirloskar Concrete Volute Pumps a trusted choice.

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