Kirloskar Brothers Launches Mini Range Pumps AARNA

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) has launched AARNA, a new mini range pump, in an event held at the Kaniyur manufacturing plant.
Kirloskar Brothers Launches Mini Range Pumps AARNA

Ms Rama Kirloskar, Joint Managing Director, KBL launching mini range pumps AARNA (Image source: Kirloskar Brothers Limited)

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Rama Kirloskar, the joint managing director of KBL said, “Kirloskar has always been on the forefront for using its cutting-edge technology for manufacturing high-end pumps. As part of another progressive step, we have launched AARNA, a highly efficient pump for domestic use. It has the most advanced design and is compact and light weight with enhanced safety features.”

Ms. Kirloskar also informed that AARNA pumps have been built to stand the test of time, thus ensuring the buyer of its long-lasting dependable operation. AARNA mini pump is available in 0.5 hp and 1.0 hp variants.

The newly launched mini range pump from KBL offers an array of features like superior quality and higher resistance against corrosion. It has Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) coating and provides five times more protection over conventional painting, resulting in longer life. The advanced electrical design and wide voltage range operability offer protection against voltage fluctuations from 180-260 volts thereby reducing chances of motor burning.

The mini pump has a Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) for protecting the motor from overloading and preventing it from burning and its advanced electrical design will help to give more output with lesser electricity consumption.

AARNA mini pumps are available in two variants and are designed to ensure higher efficiency at an optimum cost. These pumps are suited for water supply to overhead tanks in bungalows, gardens and fountains. It can also be used to feed water to RO plants, domestic water supply, construction sites, car washing and as lawn sprinklers.

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