KBL launches energy-efficient SP coupled pump-set fitted with IE4 motor

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) has launched a new range of energy-efficient, low maintenance SP Coupled pump-sets designed for effluent treatment plants and dewatering applications. This newly-launched SP Coupled pump-set comes with an integrated IE4 motor, which makes it most suitable for ETP/STP plants, draining foundations, trenches, and pits, handling rain and floodwater, draining accumulated water from basements, parking lots, highways, etc., as well as for handling light effluents, ash water, etc., in the industry.
KBL launches energy-efficient SP coupled pump-set fitted with IE4 motor

SP Coupled Pumpset with IE4 Motor (Image Source: Kirloskar Brothers Ltd)

The pump is easy to operate, maintain, and service. It has a lower life cycle and operating cost. The robust design of the pump-set enables it to withstand extreme power fluctuation, thus making it comparatively more safe to use. Its strong body is also a measure of the higher reliability and longevity of the product.

Elaborating about the new product, Mr. Suman Chakraborty, Associate Vice President & Head- Small Pump Business (Industry), KBL, said: "This pump-set has been coupled with Kirloskar Brothers-make of IE4 motor, which makes it a highly energy-efficient product. It consumes up to 14% less energy for pumping the same amount of fluid. The motor used is rugged and robust, thereby ensuring higher reliability. These pumps are also simple and easy to operate, service and maintain.”

One of the other prominent features of the product include its fan and fan cover design for optimum power consumption and quiet operation. The high quality of its mechanical seal eliminates leakage, ensures lower friction loss and protects the shaft from wear and tear.

This newly developed SP coupled pump-set can handle liquids with temperatures up to 120° C. The non-clog impeller of the pump can handle suspended soft solids of up to 40 mm and is coated with Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) for corrosion resistance. Being factory assembled and tested, these pump-sets are ready-for-use at the customer site. They can also be serviced locally at KBL’s authorised service centre.

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