KBL Stays Ahead of the Tech Curve with KBLOne4All App for e-Warranty Registration for their Pumps

Kirloskar Brothers Limited has always believed in staying ahead of the tech curve. KBLOne4All mobile app remains one such tech innovation that enables e-warranty registration of pump at the click of a button.

KBL, India’s first and largest pump engineering company, which started manufacturing centrifugal pumps way back in 1926, is trusted worldwide for its innovative, high quality, and energy-efficient pumping solutions.

Over the years, KBL has undertaken numerous steps using various latest technologies towards improving its manufacturing processes, product quality and customer service experience and delivery. Continuing with its efforts in the same direction, the company introduced the KBLOne4All app, which has been developed with an aim to ensure the best customer service experience and enhance engagement with dealers, retailers and customers.

KBLOne4All app, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple store, facilitates hassle-free and paperless warranty registration of KBL products at the click of a button. Registration of warranty is crucial for verifying product authenticity and fast servicing, among others. The e-warranty assures the customer of KBL’s prompt after-sales service support, duly backed by the company’s extensive service network of 650+ authorised service centres.

The registration process is quite simple and user-friendly. All that the user needs to do is to simply download the KBLOne4All app on their Android device or iPhone and follow the five easy steps to complete the registration, which hardly takes a few minutes.

KBL, today, is among the markets leaders in the global pump industry. It is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of fluid management solutions used for various agriculture, domestic and industrial applications.

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