KirloSmart: An Intelligent, IoT-Based Remote Pump Monitoring System

KirloSmart, which is an IoT (Internet of things) product, is a unique software technology developed by Kirloskar Brothers (KBL) that enables the user to remotely monitor the pump by measuring and transmitting its analytical field parameters on KBL’s web-based portal & interactive mobile APP.
KirloSmart: An Intelligent, IoT-Based Remote Pump Monitoring System

The intelligent IoT based KirloSmart technology helps the user to remotely & wirelessly monitor pump from Smart devices (Image source: Kirloskar Brothers Limited)

It helps the users to remotely monitor their pump health & operational behaviour from smart devices such as laptops, tabs, mobile phones, etc.

The KirloSmart technology, with built-in analytics & spare management modules, is capable of generating alerts for the probable causes leading to the failure of the pump. Thus, a KirloSmart-enabled system helps the user in monitoring the pump health on a real-time basis by appropriately sensing the critical health parameters of the pump. It enables quick diagnostic & resolution of issues. It is capable of sending alerts & notifications by way of SMS, e-mail & mobile push notifications. It remotely manages the pump and notifies its current state by transferring the data using wired Ethernet or GPRS. The fact that this smart monitoring system can be operated on a mobile or on an iPad makes it all the more convenient and user-friendly.

Being a remote monitoring technology, KirloSmart proved to be a path-breaking technology during the Covid-19 lockdown when the government imposed restrictions on public movement. Its users didn’t need to go out to monitor the condition of their pump and were able to access its health parameters irrespective of wherever they were located. Similarly, even during the post-Covid-19 world, KirloSmart, with its customer-convenient features and the increasing importance of remotely-operated technologies, is expected to continue to be the preferred option for monitoring pump parameters.

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