NOV Process & Flow Technologies UK Limited

M24 1SA Middleton
United Kingdom
Pump manufacturer

31.08.2015: NOV Supplies More Mono Pumps to Major Anaerobic Digestion Operator

07.08.2015: Mono Pump from NOV Set to Repeat 30-Year Success

10.07.2015: NOV Equipment Updated After Over 40 Years of Reliable Service

30.04.2015: NOV Highlights Expanded Mono Technologies in Wastewater

20.02.2015: NOV Mono Grifter Improves Sewage-Handling Operations for Yellowfoot

13.02.2015: Solar Pump Makes the Most of Water Resources in Africa

09.02.2015: NOV Mono Eases the Pressure On Sewerage Services in Tasmania

30.01.2015: Cement Manufacturer Improves Maintenance Operations

19.12.2014: NOV Mono Sludge Cake Pumps Are Real Record-Breakers

15.12.2014: NOV Mono Receives Major Order from Australia

26.11.2014: Effluent Application Highlights the Benefits of NOV Mono Pumps

17.11.2014: NOV Mono Equipment Goes Offshore to Provide Sewage Handling Solution

22.10.2014: NOV Mono Helps Increase Capacity for Pulp and Paper Producer

15.10.2014: Business Award Recognizes NOV Mono’s Innovative Approach

09.10.2014: Single Mono Muncher Chosen to Replace Existing Grinders in the USA

26.09.2014: NOV Mono Completes Project to Ensure Quality Levels for Welsh Water

19.09.2014: Mono Munchers Make Their Mark In Massachusetts

09.09.2014: NOV Mono Completes Project to Ensure Quality Levels for Welsh Water

28.08.2014: NOV Mono Keeps Irrigation Water Flowing In New Zealand

21.08.2014: NOV Mono Launches New Solar-Powered Pumping Solution

18.08.2014: NOV Mono Marks Distributor Anniversary With Special Presentation

06.08.2014: NOV Mono Pressure Sewer System Receives Major Accolade in Australia

16.07.2014: NOV Mono Scores Pressure Sewer System Success

09.07.2014: NOV Mono Helps UK Manufacturer Enhance Its International Reputation

18.06.2014: Progressing Cavity Pumps From NOV Mono Chosen for Major New £300 Million Wastewater Facility

28.05.2014: NOV Mono Provides a New Pumping Solution for Dosing/Metering Applications

09.04.2014: NOV Mono Solar Technology Helps Cut Water and Power Consumption In China

28.03.2014: Going Underground – NOV Mono Helps Keep Rail Tunnel Project on Track

17.03.2014: NOV Mono Expands Its European Operations

05.02.2014: NOV Mono Helps Solve Sewage Handling Problem for Historic Vessel

11.12.2013: NOV Mono Ends 20-Year Pump Project to Preserve Historic Artefact

21.11.2013: NOV Mono Extemds its German Partnership Network

16.10.2013: New Managing Director for NOV Mono Industrial In Australia And Asia Pacific

10.10.2013: NOV Mono Delivers Third EZstrip Cake Pump to Major UK Food Supplier

19.09.2013: Management Changes Mark the Appointment of a New Managing Director for NOV Mono

06.09.2013: New API-compliant Progressing Cavity Pumps for Oil and Gas Applications

26.07.2013: NOV Mono EZstrip Technology Helps Improve Biogas Production Efficiency

06.05.2013: NOV Mono Solves Sludge Transfer Problem for German Wastewater Plant

19.04.2013: NOV Mono Announces New Partnership in Northern Germany

28.03.2013: NOV Mono Receives Order from Jet-Lube

08.03.2013: NOV Mono Receives Order From Danish Wastewater Treatment Plant

28.01.2013: NOV Mono Helps Solve Theme Park Problem

09.11.2012: Expanded Sales Team Improves Mono Pumps Presence In Germany

11.11.2005: New Appointments Give Boost to Mono

24.06.2004: Mono Beats Blockages

21.06.2004: Mono Provides Packaged System Benefits for Prestigious Hotel

19.02.2004: Single Source Solution is Outlined in New Screening Package Brochure

17.10.2003: Low Energy Consumption and Reliability for New Sewer Extension

02.09.2003: Merlin Pump Works Its Magic For Plant Hire Company

02.09.2003: Mono® Confirms ATEX Compliance For Its Products

02.09.2003: GPS Tracker for Solar Powered Pumping Systems

02.09.2003: Mono Underlines Links with Offshore Industry

30.06.2003: Mono Makes Its Mark at the BPMA Awards

14.12.2001: Mono take the pressure off Automotive Industry

03.09.2001: Mono Pumps´ Deliver a quiet revolution in sewage handling at Essex County Schools

01.03.2001: Mono Australia Expands – The New Western Australia Branch