Mono take the pressure off Automotive Industry


EFTEC Ltd, manufacturers of sealers, coatings and adhesives for the automotive industry, required a pump that was able to handle the high viscosity PVC materials without generating high pressures.

The CW084 pump installed allows the materials to be pumped throughout the system more effectively.

Running at low speeds, the pump reduces heat generation and enables pumping times to reduce from 45 minutes to 12 minutes. The effectiveness of the W Range pump has also eliminated the need for a booster pump, reducing operating costs even further for the customer.

The simplistic design of the progressing cavity pump makes it ideal for high viscosity or shear sensitive applications. The rotary action of the positive displacement pump generates pressure at any speed, and does not require centrifugal force or high rotational speeds to operate. As the pump does not rely on any centrifugal action for its operation, there are no large changes in fluid velocity. Agitation and turbulence are therefore minimal, and shear sensitive products can be pumped without damage.

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