GPS Tracker for Solar Powered Pumping Systems


Government rebates, improved awareness of health and safety issues, reliability, convenience and environmental awareness are some of the reasons why many farmers are turning away from traditional windmills and diesel powered pumps, towards solar pumps.

Mono Pumps have been designing and manufacturing solar powered pumping systems in Australia since 1985. During this time Mono Pumps have been pioneers in the area of solar pumping and with their extensive dealer network, built a wealth of experience. This experience is invaluable in helping you select and design a solar powered pumping system that will precisely meet your needs.

One of the most exciting additions to the Mono Pumps solar pumping range recently is the GPS Tracker (patent applied for). Tracking arrays have been available for many years and with the improvements in system efficiency that they offer, should always be considered for any solar powered system. By ensuring that your solar panels spend the maximum amount of time looking directly at the sun, you will get the maximum amount of water out of your pumping system.

The GPS Tracking array controls the position of your array without the use of any external sensors or refrigerant gas. Over time, sensors can deteriorate and are liable to being damaged and refrigerant gas can leak; the GPS Tracking array, available across the entire Mono Pumps solar pump range, will not suffer any of these problems.

At the heart of the GPS Tracker is the controller, the controller has built into it a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) sensor. Through the information that is obtained from the GPS satellite, the controller can calculate the precise position of the Sun and position the array accordingly. Installation is simple and calibration is automatically on going. The entire system has been designed to operate for many years without any user intervention whatsoever. The tracking accuracy of the system is second to none. It will even track the sun in windy and cloudy conditions, ready for any amount of sun.

Contact you local Mono Pumps dealer or Mono Pumps if you would like more information on the GPS Tracker or Mono Pumps solar powered pumping systems.

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