Mono Beats Blockages


A static homes estate set against the beautiful backdrop of Odds Farm in High Wycombe is benefiting from the reliability of a complete sewage pumping station from Mono Pumps.

The Compact Mutrator packaged pumping system has been installed on the farm to macerate sewage from 50 static caravans and the main farmhouse before it is pumped ¼ mile to the main sewer.

Sewage from the estate was previously handled by two submersible pumps which were installed in a nine foot square collection pit. The pumps operated adequately under normal conditions, but were frequently subject to blockages by textile and fibrous waste.

A spokesman for Odds Farm, Mr House, comments, “If the pumps became blocked by cloth, they would burn themselves out. It would then take 2 men to haul them out of the pit, and then the pumps had to be cleaned up and sent off for refurbishment, which cost approximately £1,000 each time.”

Operating at 600rpm and handling a capacity of 6m3/h, the Compact Mutrator is installed above ground, so there are no sump entry risks or handling of contaminated pumps from out of the sump area. Working effectively for over a year with no problems or maintenance costs, Mr House adds, “The macerator seems to have eliminated the causes of blockages by shredding any material and allowing the pumps to transfer the sewage to the local treatment works”.

The Compact Mutrator comprises duty and standby Mono Merlin progressing cavity pumps and tri-hammer macerators fitted into the suction line. The positive displacement action of the Merlin pump lifts the sewage out of the collection sump into the cutting chamber of the macerator. Any solids within the flow are then macerated and pumped away for further treatment.

Another benefit of the Compact Mutrator system is the quiet operation. As the system was installed in the farmhouse garden, only 150 yards away from the house, the low rotational speed of the pumps and macerators enclosed in the GRP kiosk, ensures noise levels are kept to an acceptable minimum.

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