NOV Highlights Expanded Mono Technologies in Wastewater


The recently launched three-stage Mono Compact C range progressing cavity (PC) pumps have been added to a range that includes both 2- and 4-stage alternatives. Designed for filter frame press supply and high-pressure holding applications, these pumps feature a compact design that minimizes process footprint and can handle operating pressures up to 16 bar.

Optional features include dry-run protection, plus a variety of construction materials and coatings which further increase the versatility of these pumps.

Mono also presents its new high-pressure dosing pumps, which offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the more expensive traditional gear pumps. They feature a modular, easy-to-maintain design, and provide an efficient, reliable and low maintenance solution for applications which require low-flow, accurate dosing. Their progressing cavity action creates a smooth and consistent flow with no pulsation and very low shear, making them ideal for either intermittent or continuous high pressure dosing applications. Various stator material options combine with resilient operating characteristics allow these pumps to handle a wide variety of applications.

InviziQ is rapidly gaining popularity as a superior replacement for conventional gravity-fed domestic sewer systems. The technology does not rely on gravity to operate, and provides reliable sewage handling in remote areas irrespective of slope requirements, environmental concerns or difficult terrain. As a sealed system, InviziQ also eliminates many of the leakage and odor issues which can apply to conventional alternatives.

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