Biral AG

Südstr. 10
3110 Münsingen
Pump manufacturer

15.02.2021: Biral Launches New All-in-One Pump

24.09.2019: Biral Presents PumpSelector 5

27.09.2017: The New Biral ComBo

26.11.2015: The New PrimAX from Biral

20.07.2015: Biral Presents Completed ModulA Family

10.12.2014: Available Online At All Times: Information on Biral Products With eDocuments

27.08.2014: Efficient All-rounders: the New VariA Pumps from Biral

26.02.2014: Biral Introduces Reworked Range of Inline Pumps

22.11.2013: New Ready Pump Station from Biral

15.11.2013: New Version 3.17 of the Biral PumpSelector Is Available

15.10.2013: Biral Offers New Range of Pumps for Communal Water Supply

09.10.2013: Training and Further Training at the Biral Campus

02.10.2013: New Generation of Highly Efficient ModulA Pumps from Biral

05.07.2013: New Version 3.16 of the Biral PumpSelector Is Available

19.12.2011: New Version 3.11 of the Biral PumpSelector Is Available

12.08.2011: New Version 3.10 of the PumpSelector Is Available

06.05.2011: New Version 3.9 of the Biral PumpSelector Is Available

20.01.2011: New Functions in Biral PumpSelector

17.01.2011: New Version 3.8 of the Biral PumpSelector Is Available

14.10.2010: Biral PumpSelector – Latest Update Is Available

07.06.2010: Mini Energy Pump for Air-Conditioning and Cooling Sector

04.06.2010: Biral PumpSelector – the Latest Update Is Available

15.03.2010: New Version of Biral PumpSelector

27.11.2009: Hot Water at the Right Time

23.11.2009: Extension of Product Range for Biral In-Line Pumps

28.08.2009: Biral PumpSelector – the latest update is available

23.06.2009: Online Biral PumpSelector

23.06.2009: New Version of Biral PumpSelector

27.02.2009: New Internet presentation by Biral

19.02.2009: Tool For Tenders or Bids

06.02.2009: Biral PumpSelector – The Latest Update Is Available

06.01.2009: Newest Generation of the Biral Control Units

04.12.2008: Biral PumpSelector

15.08.2008: Biral Type SW Waste Water Pumps

08.08.2008: Biral Expands Standard Product Range of Whirl Impeller Pumps

01.08.2008: Biral PumpSelector Version 3.0

24.07.2008: Biral’s PumpSelector

10.03.2008: New Version of Biral PumpSelector

23.10.2007: New Pump With Reduction System From Biral

15.12.2006: Biral PumpSelector Version 2.3

26.07.2006: Biral’s PumpSelector Now Available in Version 2.2

28.10.2005: Biral Introduces the Energy Label

01.04.2005: First Update for Biral PumpSelector

28.04.2003: Biral Opts for Spaix V2