New Ready Pump Station from Biral


Our industry is constantly changing and meeting challenges, such as alternation to standards and regulations with regard to environmental protection and efficiency, requiring new methods.

Biral has therefore extended the range with the ready pump station.


Wherever sewage, wastewater and drainage water cannot be conducted away on natural gradients, the medium has to be collected and removed with suitable pumps over the non-return height. The ready pump station is an solution for water removal of any type in the domestic and communal field.

Brial offers the right pump station with the relevant pump and control for every requirement. For property drainage this is based on SN 592000 outside or (only for non-sewage waste water) inside buildings. The ready pump station is a complete solution from a single source, with support for the system from service organisation over its entire lifecycle.

The most important information at a glance:

Easy to transfer:

The reinforcement bars not only give the shaft a high load capacity – this also means that no concrete casing is required (up to a maximum of 5m below the groundwater level). The double floor ensures that the shaft will not become distorted even after several years of operating. Its own low weight ensures simple handling and enables installation with small lifting devices. The inflows are adapted to the height required using shaft linings. This also has the objective of keeping installation costs as low as possible at the construction site.


The shaft has a conical vault that is extremely robust. For heavy loads a concrete ring can be installed which diverts the forces optimally to the side. The usual casting up to D 400 class can be used:

The shaft can be rinsed at high pressure and can also be simply and efficiently cleaned and maintained not least due to the inspection-friendly colour even after a long service life.


  • Flexible shaft composition from 1.34 m to a maximum of 75 m
  • Ready system
  • Quick installation
  • Swiss made

Picture: New ready pump station from Biral (Image: Biral)

Source: Biral AG

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