New Functions in Biral PumpSelector


This latest update has further improved user-friendliness. The pumping medium can now also be entered, processed or corrected in the pump selection dialogue. This function was previously reserved for selecting hydraulics.

New Functions in Biral PumpSelector

Pumpendialog (Photo: Biral)

In the browser window, click on the symbol Medium and an input form appears. Here you can select and configure the pre-defined pumping medium, or identify your own specific pumping medium.

Other useful functions in the pump selection dialogue:

Options: here you can adapt the diagram presentation to your requirements.

Operating Points: here you can enter, edit or add other operating points to the same diagram.

Speed Characteristic Diagram: here a simulation can be shown of how a pump characteristic looks at different speeds or frequencies (not available for all pumps).

Source: Biral AG

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