Extension of Product Range for Biral In-Line Pumps


A finely-matched product range is an advantage for the delivery of hot and cold water, above all in heating and air-conditioning systems. For this reason Biral has extended the EBZ-V product range.

Various new impeller wheel diameters and motor sizes permit a choice of the most efficient and economical pump.


  • 4-pole and 2-pole motors
  • NW 35 to 150
  • Q up to 350 m3/h
  • H up to 350 kPa


  • Special protective coat for cold water application (medium temp. < ambient temp.)
  • Special floating ring seals for:

    - glycol proportion up to 50%

    - abrasive particles in medium

    - higher medium temperatures or

    - higher pressures

The extended product range is contained in the Biral PumpSelector Version 3.4.

Source: Biral AG

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