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28.03.2023: ADT Establishes New German Subsidiary Near Munich

24.03.2023: TURBOdesign Suite 2023R1 Webinar for the Latest Release!

23.11.2022: Editorial: How Andritz Group Developed New Vertical Line Shaft Pumps

18.06.2021: Case Story: How Grundfos Developed High Efficiency Centrifugal Pumps

24.09.2020: Manufacturing System of Hydraulic Parts Incorporating TURBOdesign1 with Ebara Corporation

25.09.2013: ADT Hosts Free Pump Design Seminar

28.08.2013: TURBOdesign 2013 Pump Initiative Launched

03.07.2013: ADT Ships TURBOdesign Suite 5.2.1

06.03.2013: Scott Hanratty and Florin Iancu Join Turbodesign Technology

07.12.2012: ADT Now Shipping TURBOdesign 5.2

14.09.2012: Survey Says Over 90 Percent of Pump Designers Rank Improving Design Efficiency as Number One

04.07.2012: Carver Pump Selects Turbodesign Suite by Advanced Design Technology

04.06.2012: TDT Appoints Michael Dergance Vice President – Sales and Marketing

16.05.2012: Case Study: Ebara Designs and Manufactures System of Hydraulic Parts Using Turbodesign1

10.05.2012: ADT Founder to Present Paper on 3D Multi-Disciplinary Optimization for Turbomachinery

22.03.2012: ADT Appoints Ahtti for Exclusive South Korean Distribution

07.03.2012: TDT Celebrates One Year as ADT Distributor

11.07.2011: TURBOdesign1 an Efficient Design Tool for the Development of Compact Fan Guide Vanes

27.04.2011: ADT Appoints Company for US Distribution

24.03.2011: TURBOdesign1 Employed at Andritz

10.03.2011: ADT Announces Appointment of CDAJ-China Co. as Distributor for China

17.02.2011: TURBOdesign1 Allows Cummins to Design High Performance Turbocharger Compressors

22.02.2010: ADT and Impact Technologies Streamline the Design and Analysis of Turbomachinery Components

11.11.2009: ADT Announces Nfotec as Distributor for India

20.10.2009: ebm-papst Couples TURBOdesign-1 with Automatic Optimization to Achieve Low Cost Production

08.10.2009: ADT Announces VINAS as Distributor for Japan

04.03.2004: Super Compact Pump Stage