TURBOdesign1 Allows Cummins to Design High Performance Turbocharger Compressors


Advanced Design Technology, Ltd. announced that Cummins Turbo Technologies applied TURBOdesign1 - 3D inverse design code - for the development of the next-generation of high performance centrifugal compressors for turbocharger applications.

Turbocharged diesel engine’s fuel consumption being directly influenced by the turbocharger efficiency through the engine’s pumping cycle work, the more efficient the turbomachinery, the lower the work done by the engine during the pumping cycle, resulting in better engine Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC).

Compressor efficiency has a direct impact on engine BSFC and is one of the areas recently targeted by Cummins Turbo Technologies for improvements to enable engine manufacturers to meet strict emissions criteria and performance requirements.

Dr Bahram Nikpour, of Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd, comments: “This work confirms that in many turbocharger compressor applications higher performance is only possible by using 3D blade profiles. TURBOdesign1 provides the best means of rapidly designing 3D centrifugal compressor blades with superior performance.”

The case study highlights the current limitations of conventional design methods by comparing a state-of-the-art centrifugal compressor impeller against a new generation of fully 3D compressor wheels obtained by the inverse design methodology, which deliver up to 3 points higher efficiency over the whole operating range.

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