Super Compact Pump Stage


Design engineers at Ebara Research – Japan, specialists in Pump design have designed a super compact design stage for a mixed-flow pump using TURBOdesign-1 provided by Advanced Design Technology – London.

Super Compact Pump Stage

The design specification was driven by the need to provide a super compact pump size to radically reduce the machine weight for a marine application as well as to reduce the construction costs of a large pump station.

Using TURBOdesign-1 to quickly assess different numbers of blades and design conditions, the flow conditions were optimized for the application. The blade surface pressure distribution of the impeller was optimized to achieve high suction performance, and the secondary flows and flow separation were controlled for the diffuser blades to ensure high efficiency for the heavily loaded diffuser.

Using TURBOdesign-1 from Advanced Design Technology, engineers from Ebara were able to establish a design guideline for an optimized Pump Stage. CFD Analysis and experiments showed that the performance depended strongly on the blade loading specified in TURBOdesign-1, which controls the complex behavior of the viscous 3D flows. The unit had a similar performance but the design was now extremely compact which was a pre-requisite for this application. TURBOdesign-1 V2.0 is also now able to control blade lean through highly flexible blade loading definition giving the Engineer the ability to control the efficiency and maintain critical mechanical strength parameters.

TURBOdesign-1 has been incorporated into the design system at Ebara Corporation, the parent company of Ebara Research, and has created a variety of break-through designs for both custom and standard pumps in production.

" TURBOdesign-1 drastically reduced the development time and costs for a pump stage together with the high performance, which were never achieved by the trial and error approach using CAD and CFD Analysis” said Dr. Goto from Ebara Research.

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