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40472 Düsseldorf
Pump manufacturer

26.01.2024: Tsurumi Celebrates its 100th Anniversary in the Year of the Dragon

02.01.2024: Metro Grand Paris Project: Tsurumi Delivers Heavy-Duty KTZ Pumps

29.11.2023: 40 Years of Tsurumi in Europe

02.11.2023: Tsurumi Increases Vertical Range of Manufacture

25.09.2023: New Sales Company Established

07.06.2023: Chromium Impellers at Tsurumi

03.03.2023: Getting More out of Dewatering Pumps – Small Conversion does the Trick

06.02.2023: Dewatering Pumps – Tsurumi’s Best-Sellers

10.11.2022: bauma 2022 Review: Pumps with Know-How

12.08.2022: Tsurumi Presents New Safety Pump KRDX

22.04.2022: Sensor Protects Against Total Failure

03.02.2022: Tsurumi: Water Pumps to be Used with Thick and Hard Liquids – Frequent Cleaning is a Must

17.12.2021: Tiny Pump Cleans Up Stronger: Tsurumi Presents New Residue Dewatering Pump

18.10.2021: Water Pump Failures – Top Weak Point is the Cable

16.08.2021: Tsurumis Dewatering Pumps in Tight Operating Environment

16.07.2021: Ram Guard Makes Water Pumps Safer

04.05.2021: Pump Maintenance: Quick Check of the Oil Chamber

15.04.2021: Pump to Replace the Shovel: Repositioning of Bulk Material Made Easier

18.03.2021: Water Logistics – When the Capacity Limit is Reached

08.02.2021: Soil Grouting – A Challenge for Water Pumps

15.12.2020: Tsurumi Is Expanding Video and Livestream Alternatives to Classroom Training

11.11.2020: Preparatory Work for An Underwater Concrete Floor: Tsurumi Pump Used As Sediment Hoover

21.10.2020: Tsurumi: Extreme dewatering pumps

25.09.2020: Pump manufacturer Tsurumi breaks new ground in customer service

03.09.2020: Heavy sand pump drains every swamp

20.07.2020: Tsurumi Launches New HS Pump

03.07.2020: Tsurumi: Water pumps in concrete applications

25.05.2020: Tsurumi: Pumping station pulled the plug

15.04.2020: Delivery Capability Ensured for Tsurumi Pumps

05.02.2020: Tsurumi Pumps: New Drive in European Business

03.01.2020: Tsurumi: Light Waste Water Pumps in Hard Rock

23.10.2019: Titanium Pumps from Tsurumi Staying Strong

19.06.2019: Tsurumi Brought Sewage Treatment Plant Up to Date

15.03.2019: Deep Pits Are a Challenge for Equipment: Drainage Water Under High Pressure

04.02.2019: Tusrumi Launches New Water Pumps

05.04.2018: New 2018 Sewer Shaft Pump KRSU by Tsurumi Installed for the First Time

09.03.2018: Tsurumi Introduces New Sewage Pump BP

02.02.2018: Pump Quality and Safety: ‘Darkness Favours Secrets’

28.11.2017: Spoilt for Choice When Selecting Pumps: What to Bear in Mind Before Buying

28.08.2017: Retrofitting Anode Blocks by Tsurumi

24.05.2017: Tsurumi Installs a Cost Brake

04.05.2017: Tsurumi Mobile Devices Make Ponds Fit Again

14.09.2016: Tsurumi Pumps for Copper Ore

25.08.2016: Tsurumi Expands Waste Water Program: New Grinder Pump now Available

11.04.2016: Tsurumi´s New European Headquarters

06.03.2015: Tsurumi Plunges into French Pump Rental Market

03.06.2014: Tsurumi Flushes Out Two New Products for the European Market

12.02.2014: Tsurumi Aerators Deliver Wastewater Treatment to German Brewery

24.10.2013: Hundreds of Tsurumi Pumps Used in Biggest Swedish Power Project for 30 Year

14.06.2013: Tsurumi Pump Attached to Remotely Operated Vehicle in Radioactive Clean-up

12.04.2013: Tsurumi Pumps Work Amongst Explosions and Acid to Keep Cypriot Mine Safe

14.03.2013: Tsurumi Launches New Engine Driven Pump and Life-extending Kit

12.11.2012: Tsurumi Brings Spain and Portugal Into Its Direct Sales Network

05.09.2012: Tsurumi Aerators Deliver Clog-free Purification at Russian Water Treatment Plant

26.04.2012: Tsurumi at €1.7 Billion Tunnel Project in Sweden

24.10.2011: Tsurumi celebrates 10 years supplying hassle-free wastewater at music festival

07.07.2011: Tsurumi Strengthens Swedish Presence

03.06.2011: Army Base Uses Tsurumi for Military Precision

21.04.2011: Tsurumi Introduces Heavy-Duty Pump Cable

16.03.2011: Tsurumi Expands Pumping Power in Europe

14.02.2011: Tsurumi Aerators Deliver Wastewater Treatment to Remote Areas

15.07.2010: Visitors to Test New Tsurumi Cutter Pump

28.06.2010: ‘Die Hard’ Tsurumi Pump Still Providing Consistent Service After 22 Years

21.04.2010: Tsurumi Provides “Green Clean” for Portuguese Landmark

04.02.2010: Tsurumi to Represent Primax Pumps in Europe

19.11.2009: Tsurumi Clamps Down on Illegal Imitators

07.10.2009: Tsurumi Calls In the “Puddle Suckers” for Record-Breaking Tunnel Project in Turkey

18.08.2009: Tsurumi Pumps Are Pitch Perfect

10.06.2009: 2,000th Aerator for Tsurumi Spanish Dealer

27.03.2009: Tsurumi Pumps at Archaeological Dig

22.01.2009: Tsurumi Pumps Buys French Dealership

15.10.2008: Tsurumi Enters New Markets with TRN Submersible Aerators

01.08.2008: Tsurumi Pumps Pass Endurance Test

13.05.2008: New Tsurumi TRN Submersible Aerators

23.11.2007: Prevent Burst Pump-casings in Freezing Conditions

10.09.2007: Tunnelling Towards A Superconnected Europe

06.08.2007: A pump For (Almost) All Situations

12.07.2007: Tsurumi Pumps Thrive in Toxic Environments