Tsurumi Celebrates its 100th Anniversary in the Year of the Dragon

Dewatering and sewage pumps are the world of manufacturer Tsurumi, which is celebrating its centenary in 2024. Over 500 models up to 30 m³/min or 216 m delivery head are listed in the catalogue for Europe alone. Worldwide, the manufacturer even offers over 1800 models with motor outputs of up to 300 kW for all conceivable applications, including clear and salt water.
Tsurumi Celebrates its 100th Anniversary in the Year of the Dragon

Early large pump from Tsurumi: Today there are even models that are powered by gas turbines (Image source: Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

Triumph of the submersible pump
It all started with vertical shaft pumps for agriculture. In 1953, submersible pumps were added - a product group that still dominates the market today. Company founder Jisaburo Tsujimoto's guiding principle for success was not to copy, but to develop new and better.

Tsurumi scores economically with long service lives thanks to robust designs, modular common parts and the fact that users can carry out maintenance themselves. The technological requirements include the forced lubrication system developed in-house for uninterrupted continuous operation, ultra-hard materials such as silicon carbide (only diamond is harder) and Tsurumi's sealing concept with a double internal mechanical seal and individually moulded conductors.

1800 pump models
The main plant in Kyoto is considered the most modern and largest in the industry, with a capacity of one million pumps per year. Production also takes place in Yonago, Japan, as well as in Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Production is currently being expanded and the vertical range of manufacture increased. Tsurumi is pursuing a one-brand strategy, meaning that there is no second brand or licensed products with reduced price or quality. To protect against plagiarism, users are well advised to purchase directly from the manufacturer or its dealers. The sales and service network is dense, for example with over 250 stations listed in Germany alone. All pumps are also available directly, and many can be rented.

The company is based at its founding location in Osaka. There are branches around the globe. The EU headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023, is strategically important. The company also has its own sales companies on the continent in Belgium, France, the UK, Sweden and Spain.

Largest factory in the industry
Logistically, the Japanese have always been considered masters of their trade. Tsurumi is no exception: it is probably the only major player in the industry that can deliver almost all EU pumps from its warehouse in Antwerp (Belgium) or Düsseldorf. Orders are dispatched within hours - a striking bonus, as contract manufacturing is standard in the industry. Technical reliability and logistical speed are often critical factors with dewatering applications - this is where the company aims to set standards.

Tsurumi produces more submersible pumps than any other manufacturer, told Daniel Weippert, Managing Director of Tsurumi Europe. A nice milestone to have reached in 2024, the year of the dragon according to the Japanese zodiac calendar. The company is well positioned for the future. Tsurumi is growing in the major business areas of mining, tunnelling and civil engineering, the industrial and energy sectors as well as in municipal water and wastewater applications, not only with pumps but also with efficient submersible aerators for biological wastewater treatment. The company is well listed with residue dewatering pumps for fire brigades and there are numerous other models for use cases elsewhere. Tsurumi´s new technology for remote monitoring and control is so "smart" that it also works with third-party brands.

Instant delivery from stock
Tsurumi's 2023 balance sheet shows an annual turnover of the equivalent of 353 million euros. Asia, North America and Europe are the major key regions for the manufacturer, which employs 1.300 people. According to the still family-run company, whose name is also borne by a river in Japan, there is no country in the world where there are no Tsurumi pumps.

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