Tsurumi Expands Pumping Power in Europe


Tsurumi is meeting the increased demand for powerful, reliable and robust pumping solutions in Europe with the introduction of four of its largest and most powerful contractor pumps.

At almost 2m tall, the pumps are designed for high-head, high capacity and high pressure work in rugged conditions. Featuring capacities of up to 12,500 l/min and heads of up to 150m, the pumps join the global pump manufacturer’s extensive product range.

Tsurumi aims to be a one-stop-shop for all pumping solutions and has over 250 models in its range, plus a pan-European network of distributors. The company adapts its product offering to changing market needs, which is why it has launched four of its largest submersible contractor pumps to the European market.

“Bringing these four new power pumps to Europe increases our ability to meet even the most demanding of pump requirements,” says Takanori Yoshida, assistant marketing manager at Tsurumi Europe. “As projects get bigger, applications become more demanding. These new pumps have all the reliability and performance benefits that Tsurumi customers expect, but they offer even larger scale use.”

The new pumps are four new LH series models and the GSZ pump.

LH – Power in the deep

Tsurumi’s LH series are high-head, three-phase dewatering pumps capable of withstanding deep water pressure levels. The company introduces the LH890 and LH690, which have a 90 kW motor, and the LH8110, which has a 110 kW motor, to the European market.

The pumps provide efficient water transport at very high heads:

  • The LH8110 is capable of transporting up to 6,500 l/min and up to a head of 107m.
  • The LH690 can deliver up to 2,500 l/min and has a maximum head of150m.
  • The LH890 can pump up to 90m with a maximum capacity of 6,000 l/min.

LH pumps are commonly used in stone quarries. These three new pumps are almost 1.8m tall and each weighs over 1 tonne but their slim design, at just 0.6m wide, gives customers narrow installation possibilities without compromising on power.

The pumps feature an impeller made of high chromium iron casting and a cylindrical drive channel whose flow-through design maintains motor cooling.

GSZ – Rugged power

Following a two year market trial, Tsurumi is also launching the GSZ pump across Europe. The GSZ is designed for high-head, high capacity work in rugged conditions. It is a three-phase submersible contractor pump that stands almost 1.8m tall, measures over 1m wide and weighs approximately 1.2 tonnes.

The cast iron pump is capable of transporting up to 12,500 l/min with a maximum head of 52m.

The pump features a special steel impeller and suction plate with industry-leading strength and resilience to maximize working life. An internal spiral structure ensures the smooth passage of sand, soil, sludge or slime without clogging, while the 4-pole motor increases durability.

GSZ in action

The GSZ’s two year market trial took place in Belgium. Tsurumi’s Belgian distributor, Marine Motors & Pumps, purchased it to meet demand for large contractor pumps and one of its first jobs was at Umicore Precious Metals Refining. The facility in Hoboken, northern Belgium, is one of the largest precious metal recycling facilities in the world.

It has a water treatment plant and an enormous water tower where water used for refining is cooled and stored. Previously it relied on two cantilever pumps to service the site’s water transport needs, with a third on stand-by. When one of the pumps failed, Tsurumi’s GSZ was called in as a temporary replacement. Its performance exceeded expectation and Unicore decided to use it as a permanent replacement for the multi-pump solution.

The GSZ was installed with a frequency converter, which enables it to run on full power at around 1550 rpm with a flow of approximately 400 m3/hr at a total head of around 4 bar.

Picture: Tsurumi

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