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21.05.2024: DESMI Presents Annual Report 2023 and Ambitious Growth Strategy

20.02.2024: Desmi Introduces the Magnetically Driven Methanol Pump

28.09.2023: DESMI Pumps Contribute to Optimal Aquaculture Environment

12.07.2023: Fish Health Has Top Priority in Aquaculture, and DESMI Pumps Is a Match

17.05.2023: DESMI sets New Heights Generating a Very Satisfactory Yearend Result for 2022

13.02.2023: A Mix of Easy Operation and Support

19.01.2023: Selecting the best pump for CCS applications

22.11.2022: Humphrey Lau named as CEO of DESMI

07.09.2022: Relaunched DESMI Cargo Pumps Support the Green Transformation

31.08.2022: DESMI DeServe Optimizes Asset Performance Throughout Equipment Lifetime

26.07.2022: DESMI OptiSave Reaches Accumulated Savings on 1 Millions-Tonnes Co2

30.06.2022: New Majority Shareholder in DESMI

19.01.2022: DESMI Now Has Full Range of Ballast Water Management System for Any Vessel Size

07.01.2022: DESMI Offers IoT Platform for Aquaculture Pumps

19.08.2021: DESMI Opens Office in Japan

06.05.2021: DESMI Strengthens Presence in Italy

16.04.2021: DESMI Group Presents Satisfactory Annual Report for 2020

07.12.2020: Energy Savings on Board Aurora

06.11.2020: Ensure good workmanship around your ship’s pump systems

01.10.2020: Digital offline tools offer e-learning for DESMI’s CompactClean ballast water management system

21.09.2020: DESMI CompactClean BWMS Service & Maintenance Tool

04.06.2020: DESMI to reliability engineers: We have the money-saving answer for pumping asphalt and bitumen

08.04.2020: DESMI Annual Report 2019 – The result of 2019 is considered very satisfactory

09.01.2020: A Reliable Production due to Almost no Pump Maintenance

04.12.2019: DESMI: Service on 18 Seawater Pumps

11.10.2019: DESMI EnviRo-Clean Wins 360 Degree Award

22.04.2003: The Oldest Danish Pump Group Changes Name to DESMI A/S

21.08.2002: K&R Pompen B.V. presents a re-newed self-priming centrifugal pump at Pumps & Valves 2002