DESMI Offers IoT Platform for Aquaculture Pumps

With online surveillance of live data from measurements of temperature, pressure, and vibration, DESMI will ensure that fish farm pumps are running stable around the clock.
DESMI Offers IoT Platform for Aquaculture Pumps

Pump surveillance at a distance: DESMI offers IoT platform for aquaculture pumps. (Image source: DESMI A/S)

The large main pumps are critical assets in the aquaculture and fish farming industry
A continuously recirculation of the water in pond fish culture ensures clean, degassed and oxygenated water for the fish stock. It is crucial for the well-being and the growth in the production.

It is a great improvement of the operational reliability that DESMI now also offers an loT platform for online surveillance of pumps for aquaculture. The solution will be installed at the Danish Salmon in Hirtshals first and then be released international.

"Our pump solutions are installed on fish farms all over the world and on locations that are difficult to reach. Through the new system we can receive live data from the farms continuously, and this way we can ensure that the pumps are running stable around the clock" says Business Development Manager Jacob Foldager, DESMI.

Automatic alarm at an abnormal operation
The IoT platform is developed in cooperation with the Danish company Kollektio, a data collection specialist.

An loT unit, which is mounted on the pump’s frequency converter, monitors the pump in operation. Data such as vibration, pressure, energy consumption, and temperature are collected by a sensor. The data is then processed and monitored automatically using algorithms. If the system registers an abnormal operation, operators will receive an alarm.

"The surveillance system adds online support and troubleshooting to our range of service solutions. The system is developed with the possibility to add data points to the customer´s SCADA-system" says Jacob Foldager.

Source: DESMI A/S

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