DESMI Pumps Contribute to Optimal Aquaculture Environment

+30 pumps have been installed in the recently constructed production hall at Sashimi Royal in Hanstholm, Denmark, where Yellowtail Kingfish are cultivated in 24 tanks.
DESMI Pumps Contribute to Optimal Aquaculture Environment

(Image source: DESMI)

More than 100 m3 of water is pumped in from the North Sea every hour to create the perfect conditions for these luxurious Kingfish.

A variety of pumps from DESMI, including some NSLH350-310 models with a back-pull-out design for easy maintenance without needing to alter or remove pipes or couplings, have been provided.

These pumps, playing a key role in production, are used for various functions including recirculation from degassers and contribute to creating an ideal aquaculture environment. The impressive building named "Juvenile," housing all the pumps, is a new structure aimed at ensuring even more Yellowtail Kingfish enter the market. The building itself and all its technology have been designed and developed by Nordic Aquafarms Technology for Sashimi Royal. When asked about the collaboration with DESMI and why DESMI's pumps were chosen for their new building and operations, there is no doubt that it stems from a strong partnership and sound guidance to secure the best pumps for operations.

All the pumps have been delivered in cast iron, but with an extra coating to withstand the saltwater that needs to be pumped into the many tanks. This coating also contributes to achieving even better efficiency.

"It's extremely important that the pumps can handle saltwater, and saltwater that is 22-24 degrees Celsius, precisely what Kingfish require," says Mikkel K. Thomsen, CEO of Nordic Aquafarms Technology ApS.

Source: DESMI A/S

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