DESMI EnviRo-Clean Wins 360 Degree Award

Recently, DESMI EnviRo-Clean won the 360 degree award.
DESMI EnviRo-Clean Wins 360 Degree Award

DESMI concept EnviRo-Clean wins award from The Danish Champer of Commerce. (Image source: DESMI)

DESMI EnviRo-Clean is very committed to the UN sustainable development goals due to its constant efforts to combat marine debris from waterways all around the world, before it enters into the ocean.

As the jury concluded: “It is possible to create a sustainable & impactful business case that makes a huge difference to our environment, people & education and still stands commercially viable”. We thank the jury for the award and acknowledgement for our effort on reducing the pollution of plastics in the oceans.

Source: DESMI A/S

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